So, since the previous ranking three episodes aired:

It was kind of hard to choose who had shown more incredible feats of power, so I've also put a list of Honorable Mentions, listing those who were impressive, but not as such who ended up in the table.

  • Team Arrow - what was shown in Underneath is a very impressive piece of teamwork which utilized maximum potential of each current member. John Diggle made a few really impressive physical feats, Felicity Smoak had shown her mathematical skills are just as sharp without the tech, Rene Ramirez and Curtis Holt made everything in their position to rescue Oliver and save the day and Dinah Drake had shown that each of her undercover jobs had given her new skills and knowledge. Oh, and Quentin Lance covering up the mayoral front is quite significant too.
  • Tracy Brand - a genius scientist who's yet to release her full potential, but had proven very useful to Team Flash already.
  • Alex Danvers - was great at staying alive in a death trap full of water, which is quite a hard job also showing MacGuvering skills with her tracker and pure badassery removing said tracker from her shoulder with a broken credit card. And yet, she was also damsel in distress for most of the episode and had shown some childish anger punching Rick Malverne asking J'onn J'onzz to retain this memory. Which, if you think about it, could lead him to either remember he situation from a scratch or being fixated on her. Both are not good things.
  • Lena Luthor was really good this week, outsmarting Rhea in quite a few things... But as ending shows, outsmarting Rhea does not guarantee that she was not underestimated.
Previous rank Current rank Name Image Notes
3 1 Barry Allen
Savitar reveals himself to The Flash
We may have doubted "fastest man alive" bit each time after Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon seemed to be faster, but when it turns out that Savitar, the fastest speedster seen ever is some kind of time-displaced Barry himself it turns quite obvious that Barry's potential is much, MUCH bigger then thought initially. Whatever anomaly "god of speed" is, the fact that he's so powerful that at times he needs to save the world from himself is an impressive and interesting turn of events, even if I needs A LOT of explanation which will be an unavoidable mindscrew.
- 2 Lyla Michaels
Lyla Michaels
Current leader of A.R.G.U.S. showed us this week, that organization is quite in a great shape and has backup (even improved) copies of latest tech such as T-Spheres, just in case, not to mention that her help was crucial for Team Arrow.
6 3 Simon Morrison/Adrian Chase/Prometheus
Adrian Chase
Even if he was off-screen most of the time this week, Chase continues to be one of the most dangerous people out there on Earth One, turning Arrowcave (where he was seemingly hiding for quite a time) into a death trap and proceeding to uncover where William is with relative ease, that was certainly not expected by Team Arrow.
- 4 Curtis Holt
Curtis Holt
Essential figure in this week's round against Prometheus, Holt saved the day with clever ideas, tech and quite a few physical feats, as well (even if he still yells for his second-degree burns).
- 5 Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen
Last week's dropout shows remarkable strength, agility and, more importantly, leadership qualities (as the team he assembled works greatly) this time, surviving yet another death trap which could have broken massively even strong people.
9 6 Caitlin Snow
Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow)
Now in her full "Killer Frost" mode and being a Savitar enforcer Caitlin is showing really remarkable meta abilities throughout the episode, even using her powers for a really quick transportation method.
5 7 Cisco Ramon
Struggling emotionally through the episode (he was also name-dropped significantly on Arrow as being largely responsible for unprecedented security measures of the Arrowcave) in the climax Cisco had shown that he is one of the strongest metas out there, delivering a precise strike that knocked out Killer Frost. A bit less impressive then his last week double time outing, but very cool nevertheless.
- 8 Rhea
Queen of Daxam had proven to be one of the most dangerous and influential figures from Earth Thirty-Eight's universe zone, this week showing that she also has business acumen. Even if her main plan seems to fail quite a bit, ending suggests she always has a plan B.
10 9 HR Wells
Harrison Wells (Earth Nineteen)
Say what you want, but the guy remained impressively calm through numerous meta-human attacks through the episode and shown remarkable psychological and inspirational skills with Tracy Brand. He proves himself as a very useful and dedicated (if weird) member of the team.
- 10 Rick Malverne
Rick Malverne
Might seem like an odd choice to put a seemingly one-off villain here even on 10th place, but objectively, what he did was a really impressive piece of planning, which is a work of genius. Even though his memory was partially erased, his skills in planning, engineering, psychology and might prove useful to someone on Earth Thirty-Eight.

Losers Round:

  • Helix is nowhere to be seen, changing their primary location. It's inevitable that we'll see more of Cayden James and Alena, but this week they were no as crucial to the plot.
  • Lena Luthor was already a honorable mention which explained why she's lacking the power for this week's ranking.
  • Current timeline Rosa Dillon and Sam Scudder are in jail.

Sorry for a bit of crude formatting - unable to find any accurate templates for ranking I just re-purposed the common table akin to one seen in List of powers.