Ever since I've become familiar with this wiki one of my favorite pages is Characters from the DC comics. I just love casually re-reading the list to see if there's anything new, or inserting something that was omitted. As I've recently added Ace and Jack both of whom were previously omitted on the list, I've noticed that we already had 99 characters. Well, I was wrong as today I've added yet another omission - Beverly Tockman. So (at least for now) Christopher Chance is a 100th character adapted from the DC Comics on the show.

Just wanted to ask other users of the wiki - whom they were most pleasantly surprised to see on the list and whom they want to pop up later. I had a lot of favorite characters which were adapted, including Constantine Drakon, Anatoly Knyazev, Solomon Grundy, The Calculator, as well as Adrian Chase (can't wait to see him taking a mantle of Vigilante) and Christopher Chance. Someone I want to see on the show since Season 2 (when the possibility was first drawn in the interviews) is The Question, one of my all-time favorites. And I think that I might get lucky this season.