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Unidac Industries is a subsidiary of Queen Consolidated. It uses research and produces development technology, particularly specializing in seismic infringement. Unidac Industries created the Markov Device.


Unidac was a highly sought-after business. At different points Warren Patel, James Holder and Carl Rasmussen all wanted to acquire it. Later, it was sold off at an auction to Walter Steele and became a subsidiary of Queen Consolidated.[1] Its building was later shown when the Dark Archer killed all of the employees inside and burned all the research notes to prevent information about the man-made earthquake being traced back to Queen Consolidated, the owner of Unidac Industries.[2]

Known employees

Deceased employees

  • Brion Markov
  • Six Unnamed Scientists
  • Three Unnamed Security Personnel



Season 1

Season 5




  1. "Lone Gunmen"
  2. "Darkness on the Edge of Town"

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