Trick arrows are arrows with specially-made functions. As with typical arrows, they are shot with bows, but can possess a specialized, technological function, such as incendiary explosives, recording, or listening devices. Trick arrows are an essential element in Oliver Queen's arsenal, used on many occasions to save himself, or achieve objectives unattainable by combat alone.

Known types of trick arrows

  • Router arrow: Shot near computers to hack into them. One was used to steal money from a corrupt businessman Adam Hunt.[1]
  • Grappling hook arrow: To grab on to far away surfaces on buildings for swinging lines and zip lines. Used in "Pilot" and many other episodes. The new "Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow" has an automated device that retracts the line mechanically and thus, allows the user to ascend several stories onto a targeted surface in a matter of seconds. He calls this the "jettisoning arrow", which "uses compressed carbon dioxide to jettison high tensile strength polymer cables", as Cisco Ramon notes in "The Brave and the Bold". Connor Hawke also uses these grappling arrows, which he used to ascend onto a building while holding onto Rip Hunter and Sara Lance. Oliver even used it as a weapon against Damien Darhk, shooting him with the line and then retracting it to yank him several feet backward onto the ground in seconds. He performed something similar in Crucible, as his grapple lines could knock down and drag opponents several feet or even dangle them into the air.
  • Voice recording/Listening arrow: Recording and Listening devices for recording confessions and surveillance.[2]
  • Ensnarement arrow: After piercing a target it launches wires into the area around the target and then pulls them tight. These arrows are therefore highly similar to bolas. Used to anchor dropped bags of money to the ground to prevent them from being carried off by bank robbers.[3] One was even used to briefly trap Sara when Oliver first learned that she was the Canary.
  • Flashbang arrow: A flashbang grenade in the form of an arrow. They were used to disorient drug dealers at the beginning of an attack,[4] to distract a hostage taker[5], and to explode in Malcolm Merlyn's face after he caught it during his and Oliver's last duel[6]
  • Explosive arrow: Explosive arrows, both time-delayed and impact.[7]
  • Flare/Flame burst arrow: They create a burst of fire, which can knockdown an opponent and incapacitate them, as Malcolm Merlyn caught one and it detonated in his hand, disorienting him. One is used to blind snipers.[8]
  • Tranqulizer arrow: These arrows are used to knock out a enemy. It was used on Barry Allen when Roy Bivolo used his range power on Barry and him and Oliver got into a fight. .[9]
  • Incendiary arrow: They are used to burn through the seal in a grate to get into the subway.[10]
  • Remote detonator arrow: An explosive arrow that can be detonated by remote control. One is used to distract drug dealing doctors and escape from being strapped to a chair.[11]
  • Syringe arrow: An arrow with a syringe in the tip to inject liquids into target. One is used to inject an herb solution to counteract a drug overdose given to Oliver.[11]
  • Electric arrow: An arrow with a device that emits electrical discharges of high voltage, by remote control. One is used to knock out Bronze Tiger out.[12]
  • Zip tie arrow: This arrow has a pair of zip straps that can be used similar to handcuffs, used to restrain China White to a barrier.
  • Bola arrow: An arrow that releases a set of connected cords which wrap around a moving target in order to take them down. It is often used to tie the targets wrists, legs and neck as seen with China White, Cyrus GoldFrank Bertinelli, and Slade Wilson as Deathstroke.
  • Rope tying arrow: An arrow used to tie around a person's legs, and hang that person upside down, similarly to the grapple arrow.[13]
  • Non-lethal arrow: Arrows designed not to penetrate the target's skin, making them non-lethal. Oliver made some, but didn't use them.[14]
  • Cable net arrow: When the arrowhead explodes strong cables are sent in all directions, similar to a spider web, to block the path of escaping criminals.[15]
  • Boxing glove arrow: During the Arrow's fight with Ted Grant. Oliver put a boxing glove over the tip of a normal arrow, to hit Ted from afar, and knock him down without more serious injury.[16]
  • Double arrow: The tip of the arrow splits in two, when fired. Allowing for two targets to be hit, a wire can also be projected between the two arrow heads, similar to the bola arrow.[17][18]
  • Tear gas arrow: An arrow that releases tear gas used to calm down a riot.[19]
  • Nanite arrow: Courtesy of Ray Palmer, an arrow that emits a pulse that disabled Eobard Thawne's speed. Oliver also shot nanites at Malcolm Merlyn to track him down.
  • Magnetic arrow: Oliver's magnetic arrows could cause enemy firearms to fly out of their hands and be magnetically bound to the arrow, which Oliver used to take away the Ghost's gun advantage.
  • Parachute arrow: An arrow that shoots an parachute out of its tip.
  • Shield arrow:
  • Normal arrow: An arrow with no special features.
  • Kryptonite arrow: An arrow with a tip made out of Green Kryptonite with a casing around it that makes it look like a normal arrow. When the arrow is fired, the casing is blown off revealing the Kryptonite tip. Oliver created it "in case an evil Kara Danvers ever showed up". [20]
  • Sound Dampener arrow: An arrow that cancels out loud sound waves that has a hard shell with a blue glow inside it. Oliver used this arrow to disable Dinah Drake's sonic scream.
  • Firework Arrow: An arrow that emits a colorful firework when shot. Oliver used this arrow to distract guards for Thea Queen to rescue Roy Harper.
  • Cluster Bomb Arrow: An arrow that releases a small group of bombs midway and detonates on impact.
  • Drug Arrow: Used to deliver a spray of an aerosolized drug, it is designed to stick to the chest and spray the drug towards the face. Oliver uses one in an attempt to slow the reactions of Prometheus by delivering Diazapam. It is unclear if other variants exist.

Known users


Behind the scenes

  • It should be noted that, in the DC comics, the proliferation and eventually gimmicky use of trick arrows by the Green Arrow was the motivation behind Mike Grell's 1987 reboot "The Longbow Hunters". Grell took Oliver back to simple shafts, and the question of whether he was willing to kill, if he believed the situation merited it.
  • In Superhero Fight Club 2.0, Kara Danvers suggested to Oliver Queen the idea of a Kryptonite arrow. He does end up using some in "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".