The Jesse Quick suit, formerly known as the Trajectory suit, is a protective suit that belongs to Jesse Wells that she uses to conceal her identity when she's fighting crime as Jesse Quick. It was created by Eliza Harmon, and first worn by her, to hide her identity from her victims. Later, Cisco modified the suit a little bit and added a lightning emblem, right before Harry bestowed it to his daughter.


Original suit


Eliza in the suit

When Eliza Harmon got hooked onto the speed drug known as Velocity-9, a suit was created to conceal her identity and to protect her when running at extreme speeds. While the creator of the suit is unknown, it is presumed to be it's user, Eliza Harmon.

Shortly after Eliza's death, Team Flash recovered the suit and kept it.


Jesse Quick

Jesse in the suit

It was later shown that they kept it when Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse Wells came back to Earth One and she was shown to have Speedster powers. The suit was given to her after Cisco added a black and white lightning bolt insignia on the chest.

It can be presumed that Cisco added the same protection that he gave the Flash suits.

The suit was later taken to Earth Two after Jesse and Harry returned there.


  • Identity concealment: Eliza, later Jesse, uses a red mask to conceal her identity, to make sure nobody finds out who she really is unlike other speedster's suits this mask only covered the eyes rather than the whole head. Eliza also had her hair in braids to help further hide her identity while Jesse had her hair in a ponytail.
  • Intense temperature and abrasion resistance: Because Eliza and Jesse can run at superhuman speeds the suit is heat resistant to make sure it never catches fire, it was shown when Eliza was killed by cellular deterioration and the suit was all that was left behind.

Known users


The Flash

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