Tommy Fuller is a resident of Harmony Falls and a former test subject of Vandal Savage, who had been posing under the identity of Dr. Curtis Knox.


While drag racing, Tommy's car was pulled off the road by a supernatural force, causing him to hit a tree. He and his passenger, Betty Seaver, were both alright, but they discovered a meteorite. Suddenly, Vandal Savage appeared, having been looking for the same meteorite. He took Tommy, using him for testing, injecting Nth metal DNA in to him, causing him to turn in to a hawk-mutation. Savage allowed him to roam free for a bit, killing whom he wished. Sometime later, Rip Hunter's team broke in to Savage's ward, causing some of his experiments to run free. Tommy was soon cured, and returned to Betty.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

  • Beak/Teeth: Along with their talons, their jaws are transformed into a sharp beak with teeth like shapes on it, which they can use to bite and maul humans to death.
  • Enhanced strength: These creatures had strength seemingly equal to Hawkman's and Hawkgirl's, especially while they used their wings or while they were flying, as they could effortlessly overpower and lift humans, usually flying off with them after swooping down and grabbing them.
  • Flight: They are able to use their wings to take flight into the sky, as well as to swoop down and fly off with people.
  • Talons: Their fingers are sharp enough to tear through flesh and allow them to maul humans to death.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


  1. "Night of the Hawk"