Time Spheres are transportable containment spheres used in time travel, in order to make the process easier.


Cisco Ramon created a Time Sphere for Eobard Thawne, who was to travel through a wormhole back to his own time. Ronnie Raymond noted that it included tungsten, known for both the highest melting point of all metals and for having flammable dust that could potentially melt a hole, causing an explosion. In order to prevent this, Eobard suggested that Cisco cement the tiles of the sphere with a cobalt resin to prevent degradation in cases of extreme heat. Despite its creation, Barry Allen torpedoed back through the wormhole, smashing the sphere and disabling Eobard from traveling through time.[1]

Rip Hunter designed the first Time Sphere at some point in the future and the designs of which were obtained by Eobard, who would eventually use them to make the 21st century version. 

In 1987, Eobard Thawne had a Time Sphere due to unknown circumstances. Eobard Thawne insisted that he and Damien Darhk both change their destinies by traveling to the future and stopping what happened to them so they could acquire a new destiny. Damien Darhk entered the Time Sphere and Eobard Thawne circulated around it, propelling itself off the ground. By doing this, the Speed Force opened and Thawne along with Darhk entered it, traveling to the future.  


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