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"The Pieces Missing" is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Arrow comic book series.


Diggle seeks out an old friend to find answers about Oliver's past![1]


Dig meets Lyla, looking to uncover certain things about Oliver's past, and in the process recollects the incidents which have led him to his current location and occupation. These include Oliver getting the jump on him, and Dig returning the favor, Oliver's frequent "car accidents" and the attendant lack of medical reports, and even the fact that the FBI have a file on "Mr. Queen". as Lyla thinks he should address his employer. Above all, however, Dig is hoping his ex, and her contacts in M.S.S., the Chinese intelligence service, can furnish some answers on the biggest question of all - Lian Yu.



  1. Arrow (2012-2013) #25 - DC Entertainment

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