The Hoods were a group of vigilantes who went around terrorizing Star City some months following the Undertaking. They took their name from the alter-ego of Oliver Queen, the Hood, and considered themselves followers of his, though in reality, they were far from his ideology. They were cited by Laurel Lance as a reason why she had come to view the Hood as a threat to the city after the Undertaking, due to their idolization of him and their brutal methods.

After assassinating Mayor Altman, they set their sights on Oliver, whom they viewed as a paragon of the city's elite and their corruption, especially with his mother's involvement in the Undertaking. They initially attempt to kill him during a board meeting with Queen Consolidated, but when that fails, they instead kidnap his sister Thea at Verdant despite the best efforts of her boyfriend Roy Harper. Despite his initial reluctance to return to vigilantism, Oliver ultimately apprehends the Hoods and rescues Thea, using his new-found non-lethal approach to fighting crime. He later drops them off by officer Quentin Lance's car for him to arrest.

It is later revealed that they were a tool of the Church of Blood, which set up the assassination in order to allow Sebastian Blood to run for the vacant mayorship.

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  • The Hoods share similarities with the wannabe Batmen in Christopher Nolan's film The Dark Knight, in which they try to "help" the vigilante they admire and that they use guns when their "role model" hates them.