The Glades is a hazardous, dangerous area of Star City that appear to predominantly be inhabited by the city's lower-class citizens. In May 15, 2013, the east section of the Glades was destroyed by a Markov Device in an event known as the Undertaking. While a second Markov Device was disabled by Quentin Lance before it could be activated, a total of 503 people were killed in the disaster and a majority of the neighborhood was left in ruins.[1][2]

When the Arrow disappeared from Star City following his defeat at the hands of Ra's al Ghul, the mobster Danny Brickwell attempted a takeover of the Glades. He kidnapped three aldermen, and blackmailed the Mayor into withdrawing all police and city units from the area. He was eventually defeated, and almost killed, by Malcolm Merlyn.

What the Undertaking did not destroy, the sabotage of Tevat Noah did, with the earthquake caused due to a destruction of the underground H.I.V.E. facility, creating a sinkhole under what was left of the Glades.[3]



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  • Tempest's logo is an outline of the subway lines that run under the Glades.
  • The area code of the Glades is 503; ironically, this is the same number of people killed in the Undertaking.


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