For the Earth Two Flash suit worn by Hunter Zolomon, see The Flash suit (Earth Two).
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"I saw you fighting Top and Mirror Master in your OG suit with the white emblem, 2017 edition of course."
—Cisco greeting a time-traveling Barry Allen.[src]

The Flash suits are a series of protective suits designed and created by Cisco Ramon at S.T.A.R. Labs, originally to replace the turnouts firefighters use but are now used by Barry Allen for his vigilante activities as The Flash.


Pre-vigilantism suit

Barry testing out his speed for the first time

Barry preparing to test out his speed for the first time in gear.

Essentially just a red leotard with padding and a reinforced helmet, Cisco Ramon, one of the last remaining employees at S.T.A.R. Labs, originally made it for firefighters, had the suit readied for Barry Allen so that he could test his new-found speed powers for the first time. It was used at the Ferris Air Testing Facility outside of Central City, and it got destroyed while Barry was wearing it. Due to his inexperience with his powers at the time, Barry lost focus while running at his top speed and crashed into a series of water barrels. The suit was damaged and never used after that.[1]

Original suit

To aid Barry in facing new threats to the city following the particle accelerator explosion, from other meta-humans and outraged citizens alike, Cisco designed a new suit to allow Barry to act while keeping his identity hidden. It was a red skintight bodysuit originally meant to replace the turnouts the firefighters usually wear when in action. Cisco later re-purposed it and added an upgraded version of the new earpiece he previously installed in the prototype suit, he also added a red logo with a gold lightning bolt onto the chest. The suit became an incredibly helpful tool for Barry and when he decided to permanently be a protector of Central City as The Flash, using it on a regular basis.

The Flash suit analysis

Cisco monitoring the suit and The Flash's status.


Once Barry started working full-time as Red Streak/The Streak (later dubbed The Flash), Cisco began to add new devices and made alterations to allow Barry to be better prepared for any situation, including a multi-link comm set. These modifications would also be included in later suits. Cisco also added thermo-threading, to heat the suit in case of an encounter with Captain Cold.

Destruction of the first suit

This suit was destroyed accidentally by Bette Sans Souci when Barry attempted to apprehend her. She touched the suit to stop him and Barry had barely enough time to get out of it before it exploded, leaving him half-naked. Fortunately, Cisco had apparently made spares, for later in the episode Barry was using another one.[1]

Second suit

After General Wade Eiling attempted to injure The Flash by throwing acid on him, he was forced to run as fast as he could to wear it off. However, by the time he had, it had almost entirely burnt through the suit and was unusable. To this end, Cisco had another one handy and allowed Barry to use it.[2]

This suit was presumably erased from time after the young Barry Allen vanished into thin air after his future self saved his mother. It was restored after Barry allowed Eobard to kill his mother, creating a new timeline.


The Flash

Barry in his upgraded suit as the Flash.

After Barry and his friends reformed the team to defeat the "Atom-Smasher" and have Henry Allen released from Iron Heights, Cisco took it upon himself to commend the team for their recent successes. He did so by upgrading Barry's suit, mimicking the design of the future suit's emblem from the digital future article of Barry that Gideon showed them when they first met her. While a simple alteration, it was very noticeable and appreciated redesign to the suit, with the recoloring of the emblem's background from crimson to white.[3] When going up against Griffin Grey, Dwarf Star Alloy was added to the suit to protect him but it was only added to the chest part of the suit and would only protect him once.

Destruction of the second suit

When Hunter Zolomon kidnapped Wally West, Barry gave up his powers in exchange for Wally's safe return. During an attempt to recreate the effects of the particle accelerator explosion in the hopes of restoring his powers, Barry's physical form was absorbed into the Speed Force, destroying his suit in the process, leaving only the chest piece.

Third suit

After regaining his speed from the entity, Barry returned in a new suit presumably fabricated by the Speed Force itself, which was physically identical to his previous one in every detail, presumably also containing the upgrades that the previous suits had.[4]

His future time remnant who became Savitar would briefly don the suit again in order to trick Team Flash. However, the suit was worn down, seemingly indicating it was unable to hold up with the immense energy that Savitar creates at his top speeds.

Original timeline and future suit

The Flash in 2024

Flash's future-self.

In the original timeline, Barry created his suit (who was presumably the same that in the future of the current timeline) after he was inspired by Green Arrow or some other superhero and becomes the Scarlet Speedster superhero known as the Flash at some point in the year 2020, after he gained his Speed Force connection due to the particle accelerator created by Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan. However, in the future of the current timeline, his suit was created sometime between 2017-2024 by a future Cisco Ramon or by Barry himself after the disbanding of Team Flash. His suit was first seen after Barry from 2017 travelled to 2024 to find answers and questions about Savitar. 2024 Barry helped 2017 Barry to fight future Mirror Master and future Top and they both arrested them. The future suit is similar to the suit seen in the article from the future. It is a brighter red, has gold piping (in the shape of lightning bolts), a gold belt, and there is thick gold lining on his forearms (similar to where his gloves would end).


  • Aerodynamics: The suit's form-fitting design and articulation allows Barry to maintain control of every step and movement that he takes. This is what allows him to dodge attacks and run as he would without it.
  • Communications link: Cisco had installed two miniature earpieces shaped like lightning bolts attached to the ears of the suit. This grants Barry full communication with the team at S.T.A.R. Labs while in the field.[1] The link can be routed to other people's phone and display it as if it was from his cell phone.
  • Defibrillator: A newer addition to the suit is a magnetic-electrical charge that jumpstarts Barry's heart. Though after two consecutive administrations, the device will be completely fried and take a while to repair, making it still a prototype.[5]
  • Dwarf Star alloy chest armor (formerly): After getting some of this material from Felicity, Cisco was able to fit the torso section of the suit with this highly durable material, protecting the wearer from extreme blunt-force trauma to said area. However, enough force, such as from a meta-human with superstrength, can potentially destroy the armor even if the strike itself is blocked, leaving the wearer vulnerable again to any further blows until the armor itself is repaired.
  • Identity concealment: Barry uses a red mask to conceal his identity and to keep his friends and family safe from harm.
  • Intense temperature and abrasion resistance: The suit was originally designed as a firefighter turnout, so its primary use is still intact. It's made of a reinforced tri-polymer, making it resistant to several thousand degrees of intense heat, whether it be around Barry or it be the friction generated from his body while running; as well as resistant from grazing bullets, knives, abrasions, or scars.[1] It appears that Cisco has modified it to resist intense cold as well, since Barry was able to walk off several blasts from Leonard Snart's Cold Gun and Mick Rory's Heat Gun quicker than in previous battles.[6] It was also revealed that the suit was also designed using vulcanized teflon which neutralizes any electron imbalances and prevents the friction of Barry's movements from generating a lethal dose of static charge.[7] However, his former future time remnant appears to have a dangerously volatile Speed Force connection that the suit could not handle, as the suit was worn down, appearing to show that it was unable to hold up to Savitar's immense static charge and heat energy.
  • Mini-camera: The suit's chest piece has a miniature camera with live streaming and 1080p built into it. By pressing on it, Barry's team can see through and gain a better idea of his surroundings or situation.
  • Performance enhancement (formerly): The newest addition to the suit, the tachyon unit, was able to fit inside the lighting bolt emblem to conceal the device from Zoom. Because of this, while wearing the suit, it will allow a speedster's vitals to remain at peak performances, including keeping their calorie burning rate at a normal level, and thereby able to continue moving at top speeds for much longer derations unhindered from effects such as dizziness and fatigue. It was presumably destroyed after Barry was absorbed into the speed force and his suit was destroyed.
  • Sensor system: Both versions of Barry's suit have had several health sensors built in to work in real time. The telemetry is sent to S.T.A.R. Labs so that they can identify Barry's condition and health. The suit has a GPS built into it so that S.T.A.R. Labs can keep track of where he is, see how much power he's generating, and determine how fast he's running.
  • Therma-threading: One of the latest modifications to the suit, Cisco has added "therma-threading" to the suit, which causes the suit to generate a large amount of heat, in case Barry gets hit by the Cold Gun, which is why it was designed.[8]
  • Voice alterer: Due to losing his speed to Zoom, the suit also apparently has a voice filter equipped to disguse Barry's voice, since he couldn't do it himself. It is unknown what happened to it after Barry got his powers back, it is presumed it was either removed or kept in the suit in case Barry loses his powers again.

Known users


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Behind the scenes

  • In the first draft of the pilot script, the suit was made by Hartley Rathaway after he was dating a fireman named Chip.
  • When the red logo was introduced into the TV Series, The Flash in the New 52 Comics was also given a red logo.


  • A running gag in the series is whenever the suit would be damaged or destroyed Cisco would either show anger or scold Barry as he would complain about how long it takes him to make the suits.
  • The red emblem on the suit in season 1 could be a possible nod to the flash from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again, a sequel to The Dark Knight Returns.
  • Each time, the emblem has the lightning bolt protruding more from the upper side than the lower side, which has a shorter bolt as compared to the upper.


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