For the Earth One Flash suit worn by Barry Allen, see The Flash suits.
For the Earth Three Flash suit worn by Jay Garrick, see The Flash suit (Earth Three).

The Flash suit is the protective suit Hunter Zolomon used in his identity as "The Flash" of Earth Two.


Unlike the suits that Barry Allen on Earth One and Jay Garrick on Earth Three wear, Hunter's suit was based off the soldiers' uniforms of Earth Two. The suit consists of a dark red jacket with a gold outline of a lightning bolt in the center of it, blue pants, brown gloves, brown boots and a silver helmet with gold wings, which belonged to his father during the War of the Americas.[1] Presumably created sometime after capturing and "borrowing" the Flash of Earth Three's name and alter ego, Hunter's suit is also a close imitation to his captive's suit albeit with darker colors.

Hunter wore the suit when he confronted Harrison Wells, and later when he teamed up with the Flash on Earth One. He originally thought that he has lost the helmet when he traveled to Earth One, only for Barry and Caitlin Snow to present it to him.[2] The helmet remained on Earth One as Team Flash's memorial after the death of Hunter's time remnant, and it was later used for Cisco Ramon to vibe Zoom's identity. It's unknown what happened to the rest of his suit after Hunter killed his time remnant that was wearing it. However, the helmet was later taken and worn by the Flash of Earth Three, as an addition to his own costume in order for it to serve its original hope-inspiring purpose, despite knowing it's history.[3]

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  • Hunter Zolomon's costume is a combination of Jay Garrick's classic costume in the DC comics and The Rival due to the darker colors.
  • The lightning bolt only being an outline could be a reference to the comic event Zero Hour, in which Jay Garrick took his emblem off and only the outline was visible.


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