The Central City Citizen is a newspaper published in Central City.


Eobard Thawne keeps at S.T.A.R. Labs an article from the year 2024 stating that The Flash went missing in a "Crisis".[1] The article is written by Iris West, who appears to have married Barry Allen and taken on the name Iris West-Allen. It is also assumed Oliver Queen regained control of Queen Consolidated, as it mentions a merger between Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. being successful.

Dr. Wells used the newspaper as a link to see if anything changed for Barry in the future. When Farooq drained Barry of his power, the headline changed, causing all of the references to The Flash or Barry Allen to disappear. However, he eventually saved Barry and the timeline was restored.[2]

After Barry Allen restored the timeline from Flashpoint, the name of the article is changed from Iris West-Allen to Julie Greer, possibly that Iris will be killed by Savitar in potential 2017. However, after Barry saved Iris from Savitar, the name of the article returned to Iris West-Allen.

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