"Test Drive" is a promotional chapter of the Arrow comic book, released before the regular series began. Two editions were published, with the first given away at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, and the second given away at comic specialty shops. The story was later released online.

  • Arrow – Special Issue: "2012 Convention Exclusive" (SDCC edition) – includes two pages of black & white preview art.
  • Arrow # 1 Special Edition: "Wed 8/7c the CW tv now" (shop version) – includes six-page preview of Green Arrow #0.


Billionaire bad-boy Oliver Queen has returned to Starling City! Five years on a deserted island has changed his focus from partying and hot women to crime-fighting and cold justice. He's putting his archery talents to good use as the newest super hero on the CW this fall, and in this comic by Geoff Johns and the show's producers: ARROW![1]


6 years ago, Oliver Queen was driving along with two women to the Starling City Plaza Hotel, when he was pulled over by Officer Lucas. Lucas remarked on how fast Oliver had been going, mentioning that he'd be given a fine. When Oliver failed to give his license and registration, Lucas asked him to step out of the car, though he refused due to his not wearing pants. Oliver then used his phone to call his father, who he requested sort the situation out. Officer Lucas promptly received a call from a superior, who told him that should he wish to someday make detective rank, he had to let Oliver go. Lucas broke the news to Oliver, who sped off recklessly.

In the present day, Mr. Patel was in a chopper being flown by an assistant. Patel threatened a man on the phone that if he didn't own Unidac Industries by the end of their call, he'd have the man killed. The call was soon interrupted by an arrow bursting in from the front of the chopper. The Hood burst in, grabbing Mr. Patel as he did so, and swung away with him.

At the police station, Officer Lucas, now detective, was ready to leave for the day, but was taken outside by Officer Groves. To Lucas' surprise, there, on the wall, hung Mr. Patel from arrows. Along with Patel were phone records, and a note that read "Drive safe". Officer Groves questioned what it meant, but Lucas apparently had no idea.

On a roof somewhere in Starling City was The Hood. He stated that one man had been brought to justice, yet there was still a whole city left.



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