"Over there we were trusted with millions of dollars in weapons and personnel. We were conquerors. Now we're nannies with tasers."
—Ted Gaynor on his service in Afghanistan[src]

Ted Gaynor (died 2013) was a former soldier and private security contractor for Blackhawk Squad Protection Group. Ted cited his motive for joining the group as having a lack of respect, in comparison to being treated like a "god" while in the battlefield. He was also the former commanding officers of John Diggle, Lyla Michaels, and Paul Knox. He is on The List, one of the few people on it to not be a one percenter.


Early life

Ted was John Diggle's commanding officer during his tour in Afghanistan.

In 2008, Ted was transporting homeless village women and men with John and Lyla Michaels. However, when on a 5-minute break, Lyla discovered that one of the transported was Gholem Qadir, a high valued target for the US wanted alive. Gaynor noticed Qadir trying to bribe Diggle into helping him and told him to shut up but soon after came under fire from incursions, though the fire fight was over in a minute. When Qadir was transported back to base Ted noted to John that he noted him for saving Qadir's life.[1]

Later on, he went to Starling City and took up a bodyguard job but wasn't satisfied with it and decided to start robbing from armored trucks. At some point, Malcolm Merlyn found out and coerced him to contribute to the Undertaking or risk his illegal activities being known to the public, resulting in his name being on the List.

Robberies in Starling City

Ted later joined the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group. In 2013, he led them in numerous robberies that were unknown to the public eye. He met John again as John joined the Blackhawks to monitor Ted, unable to believe that his former commanding officer would do something as heinous as robbery. Ultimately, Ted revealed to John that he had taken his former sister-in-law, Carly Diggle, hostage and that he had indeed instigated the robberies in Starling City. Ted was killed by an arrow shot through his chest by the Hood.[2]


Ted was very unhappy with civilian life, having to protect spoiled one percenters. As a result, he stooped to robbery. He took the bodyguard is a lack of respect, claiming that when he was a soldier, he was treated like a "god on the battlefield", tried to justify his robberies as a mission, when it wasn't even a war; displayed signs of a delusional-psychopath.

Ted was also arrogant to the point we believe he could control his former friend, John Diggle; this ultimately backfired, as he underestimated John's morals and honor.



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