"It's ready!"
—The Technician to Sebastian Blood[src]

The Technician, or Dr. Vasak, (died December 11 2013), was a member of the Church of Blood. It appeared he was the one who was reproducing the Mirakuru with Slade Wilson's blood.


Season 2

In "Crucible", The Technician presented the completed Mirakuru vials to Brother Blood. The Technician observed as Brother Blood injected the drug into Xavier Reed, who didn't survive the injection. It is presumed that the Technician then worked on making the Mirakuru more stable.

In "Three Ghosts", the Technician was working on Mirakuru when the Arrow burst in and fought Brother Blood and Acolyte. When the Arrow destroyed the centrifuge, the explosion caused the roof and wall to collapse. The Technician was trapped under falling debris and killed.



Season 2