Tech Village is a technology store franchise located in the United States (Earth One).


Sometime prior to 1987, Tech Village established a location in or near Washington, D.C. While time traveling to 1987 with the Legends, Ray Palmer visited this store and purchased several pieces of technology from which he fashioned equipment the team could use to spy on Damien Darhk.[1]

Sometime between the spring and fall of 2014, Felicity Smoak became employed in sales at a Tech Village in Star City. Ray Palmer visited the store during one of her shifts and inquired about a satellite frequency communicator, and Felicity helped him buy a newer model, the TX50.[2]

The Flash helped to calm down a group of chimpanzees that were destroying a Tech Village store. He fed them bananas and let them watch King Kong.[3]

Shortly after Ray Palmer was named CEO of Queen Consolidated, he purchased the holding company which owned all Tech Village stores.

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