Susanna (died October 2015) was the District attorney of Star City.


Susanna was present at a meeting, discussing the situation in Star City as a committee, due to the city having no active mayor. They discussed dealing with the new threat known as the Ghosts, when Damien Darhk interrupted the meeting, claiming to be the leader of this group. He stated that his organization desired that the city be left to die, so that it may be rebuilt. Susanna became irate, insisting that this intruder leave immediately but is calmed by Quentin Lance and once satisfied that his message has been adequately rendered, Darhk departed.[1]

Later at the District attorney's office, Susanna told Laurel what happened at the meeting. She emphatically stated; "These people need a strong reminder that the city doesn't bow to terrorists". Susanna then suddenly collapsed, realizing that she has been poisoned. Laurel instructed the onlookers to call for help. Shortly after, she was pronounced dead.[1]


Sometime after her death, Bray succeeded Susanna as the district attorney of Star City.[2]



Season 4


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