Susan Williams is a reporter at Channel 52 and the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen.


As a reporter of Channel 52, Susan reported negatively on Oliver Queen's appointment of Quentin Lance as deputy mayor of Star City. Hoping to have her walk back her story, Thea Queen went to meet Susan, admitting that Quentin was not even appointed yet, not to mention it was in fact Thea herself that had offered him the job. In response to this, Susan updated her story, suggesting that Oliver was "asleep at the wheel" of his administration. Because of this, Oliver held a public announcement, inviting press, officially announcing Quentin as his deputy. As Susan went to leave the building, Thea approached her, threatening to never cross her again.[1]

Sometime later, Susan began shadowing Councilman Kullens for a profile, following him into a meeting with Oliver about rezoning ordinates. They greeted each other, with Oliver suggesting that some of her pieces were off the mark. Once they got down to business, the councilman acknowledged that Oliver's plans would only benefit "crony capitalists", such as Queen Consolidated some decades before, a fact which surprised Susan, leading to Collins and Williams leaving. The following day, Oliver called Susan back for an off-camera interview. Susan admitted that, while she thought Oliver seemed nice, he was vastly under-qualified, leading to Star City suffering due to it; thus, the cause of her attacks on him. Asking for time to impress her, she agreed to give him one month with no attacks. Giving him her personal cell phone number, she left. The following day, she met with an associate, Ian, who gave her a photo of Oliver in Russia in 2011, when he was supposedly shipwrecked.[2]

Some days later, Oliver had an on-camera interview with Susan, expressing his pleasure with the new zoning ordinates and the Anti-Crime Unit. As she left, she suggested he both impress her and call her.[3] The following week, she met Oliver again, apologizing for being stuck in a Twitter war with a Russian investigative journalist. He asked her politely to not report on the two bodies that had been dropped left for the SCPD. Expressing his doubts at his work as mayor, Susan invited him to McGuire's Neighborhood Bar for a friendly drink. He joined her that night, opening up about his problems, being careful not to specify that they were in fact regarding his vigilantism as the Green Arrow.[4]

After their friendly drink at the bar, Oliver and Susan began going out. She attended his mayoral Christmas party and after Oliver had accidentally killed Billy Malone when he attempted to kill Prometheus as Green Arrow, he went to her apartment and explained to her that someone from his past had told him that he ruined the lives of everyone he came into contact with. She believed this to be ridiculous and said that he had to stop shutting people out, offering to show him, before the two passionately made out.[5]

Having gathered evidence of Oliver's time in Russia and that he is Green Arrow, Thea and Felicity Smoak crossed a line when they frame her for plagiarism (albeit Felicity did not know what she was helping Thea with), leading her to breaking up with Oliver, believing he set her up. After Oliver criticized Thea for what she did to Susan, pointing out she ruined a woman's life, while after this, Thea refused to lift a finger, Felicity on the other hand made things right, getting Susan her job back. She and Oliver got back together after she realized he had nothing to do with her getting fired. She was kidnapped by Adrian Chase, but was later rescued by Oliver. He later broke up with Susan for good citing reasons as to keep her safe and so she would move on with her life.


Susan is not above being harsh with the people she interviews or is reporting on the news. Despite her seemingly cut-throat demeanor in camera, her only goal is to reveal the truth and aid her city through it. To which, Susan is actually caring, selfless, moral and honorable. At the same time, she still takes her job as a reporter very seriously, highly driven to uncover the truth and work all angles possible.

While eager to tell a worthwhile story, Susan is not one to recklessly jump into doing so. When she entered in a romantic relationship with Oliver Queen, while it initially appeared she only did this for a story, she decided to first confront Oliver about this, seeing all the good he has done as mayor and proving that she generally has romantic feelings for the latter. Ultimately, she decided to bury the story and keep his identity as Green Arrow a secret from the public, despite the fact that such a story would get a high ratings and further her career.


  • Keen intellect/Expert investigator: Susan is very intelligent and methodical. A skilled investigator, she is able to follow every lead and rumor to discover the truth behind any story. Recognizing Oliver's unique tattoo as a symbol of captain status in the Solntsevskaya Bratva, Susan was able to piece together Oliver's entire 5 years from society, including fact that he was not on the island of Lian Yu all that time. Susan was also able to discover that Oliver is Green Arrow, due to the fact that a mysterious archer was in Russia around the same time as the former was.
  • Bilingual: Susan is capable of fluently speaking English and French.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • Within the DC comics universe, Susan Williams first appeared in Green Lantern Vol. 2 #9 (December, 1961) as the wife of Jim Jordan, the brother of Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern.


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