"If he destroys the pass, there's no way of transporting soldiers and supplies from the east coast. The U.S. Army is effectively locked out of the west. "
Nate Heywood discussing the strategic importance of Summit Pass[src]

Summit Pass is a location that was targeted by Quentin Turnbull during his efforts to form his own country in 1874.


In Liberty, Colorado in 1874, Quentin Turnbull killed a time pirate, stealing a futuristic device that could detect dwarf star ore. After discovering the ore's destructive capabilities, he planned to use a train filled with the ore to blow up the railroad line at the pass, which would prevent the United States Army from accessing the west. These actions set off a time aberration so the Legends, with help from Jonah Hex, arrived in order to stop Turnbull's plan. Using his steel powers, Nate Heywood stopped the train before it could get to the pass which saved Summit Pass and fixed the time aberration.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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