For his Earth One counterpart, see Quentin Lance.
For his Earth Two counterpart, see Laurel Lance's father.
"You know, I had a daughter who looked just like you, with similar compulsions...and I expunged that filth from my family line forever!!"
—Sturmbannführer to Sara Lance[src]

An unnamed man is a Sturmbannführer in the Schutzstaffel forces of the New Reich on Earth-X.


The man had a daughter. However, upon finding out that she was attracted to the same sex, he killed her.[1]

He climbed the ranks of the Nazi Party's military wing Schutzstaffel, eventually becoming a Sturmbannführer of the New Reich. As a Sturmbannführer, he was in charge of the execution of the Earth One denizens. After he appeared in front of the captured superheroes, he approached Sara Lance with a glare, initially surprised that an ideal of "Nordic perfection" like herself would associate with the Reich's enemies. Upon discovering that she was bisexual, he recounted how he killed his daughter, who was her doppelgänger. He then ordered the guards to proceed with the execution. They initially tried to run away, but he shocked them with their power-dampening collars, before they were ultimately saved by Leo Snart.[1]

Later at the hangar, his Führer Oliver "returned", unaware it was actually the Earth One version who escaped. Growing wary, he brought out Felicity Smoak's doppelgänger to test him, and ordered him to kill her. Oliver refused and knocked the Sturmbannführer out after a struggle with the guards. Nevertheless, the Sturmbannführer escaped and sent more SS troops to Oliver's location.[1] He would make his way to the main hangar which held the gateway and ordered the men to make sure no one came through, Oliver and his friends would attack and take the hanger, but the Sturmbannführer would escape. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


The Sturmbannführer was a deep believer in Nazi ideology, killing his own daughter for her "filthy compulsions", a stark contrast from his Earth One counterpart who loved his children dearly and would never do anything to hurt them. He admired Sara Lance's "Nordic perfection", and commented on his daughter having similar looks, but did not hesitate to order her execution. He also had an inquisitive mind, similar to his counterpart, allowing him to expose Oliver Queen as an imposter. He also indirectly stated that he hated Führer Oliver for unknown reasons as he indirectly said that to Oliver that he knows he is not the Führer, he however never showed open hatred in front of him. This made him similar to his Earth One counterpart who initially hated Oliver.[1]

Like his fellow Nazis, he was sadistic and cruel in his dealings with others, also openly scoffing in the face of Felicity Smoak's doppelgänger's concern for starving children and taking pleasure in trying to kill enemies of the Reich.


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