"You look like a star spangled idiot."
Mick Rory to Nate Heywood[src]

The Steel suit is a suit created by Ray Palmer, based on sketches by Nate Heywood, for the latter to use as the superhero Steel.


The full suit consists of red and blue pants, a blue vest with a white star in the center of it (similar to his grandfather's suit) with red accents around it and blue shoulder pads, a pair of blue gloves and arm guards and a red helmet with white and blue accents.[1]


After wishing for his own suit, Nate Heywood sketched a design. Ray Palmer took the sketch, making a few adjustments, and made the suit for him as a gift.

He first wore the suit for when the Legends helped Team Arrow, Team Flash and Supergirl fight the Dominators.

When fighting crimes in Central City as a vigilante, Nate used the suit, but left out the helmet.

When preparing to fight the Nazi invaders from Earth-X along with rest of the heros when they assembled aboard the Waverider, Nate was shown to have the helmet with him, but was not seen wearing the helmet during the battle.


  • Identity concealment: Nate uses a red helmet with white and blue accents to conceal his identity.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow



  • Similar to the first Green Arrow suit and the first White Canary suit, the suit does not include sleeves.
  • The suit, like Nathan Heywood/Citizen Steel's original suit from the comics, is similar to the suit of the famous Captain America's of Marvel Comics. According to the costume designers it was hard to make the Steel suit for the show as they wished to differentiate between Steel and Captain America.[2]


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