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Starling City
Starling City
Location United States
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Starling City is a major metropolis in the United States of America. The city is home to important businesses and corporations such as Queen Consolidated, Palmer Technologies and Merlyn Global Group. Despite being a thriving metropolis, Starling City is rife with poverty, crime and corruption.

Following the takeover of Queen Consolidated by Ray Palmer, and its renaming to Palmer Technologies, Ray wished to rebrand the city as "Star City".


Starling City is made up of various neighbourhoods, though the largest (and poorest) is the Glades


  • Queen Consolidated: The head business of Starling City, Queen Consolidated was founded and led by Robert Queen until the man's death in 2007. The company was led by Moira's new husband, Walter Steele, until his kidnapping by Malcolm Merlyn in 2012 and was then taken over by Moira until the fulfilment of the Undertaking when she was arrested. In the following months Queen Consolidated suffered from the backlash, losing much of its influence and interest, until it was near bankrupt. Stellmoor International's vice president of acquisitions, Isabel Rochev, sought to buyout Queen Consolidated, which would result in the firing of all its employers but the company is saved with Walter's help.
  • Palmer Technologies: In 2014, Ray Palmer took over Queen Consolidated and rebranded it as Palmer Technologies. He began using it to build his A.T.O.M. Exosuit, possibly for future vigilante activities.


  • Verdant: Was built in an abandoned Queen building and is used as a cover for Oliver Queen's vigilante activities, which happen in the Arrowcave below the building. Verdant is currently under Thea Queen's ownership and management as her maternal half-brother has become Queen Consolidated's CEO.
  • Poison: Was built by Max Fuller, and is the only known nightclub other than Verdant.


Starling City is plagued by crime and corruption at all levels of society, from gangs and drug dealers in the streets to corrupt corporate executives such as Adam Hunt.

Gangs and Drug DealingEdit

The two major gangs are the Chinese Triad and the Bratva (the Russian mafia), and formerly the Bertinelli family before its demise. Drug dealing has been a major concern for the police department for many years, but they have been unsuccessful in effectively dealing with the issue. The city has suffered from dangerous drug dealing such as when Count Vertigo, and later Dr. Webb, spread Vertigo throughout the city.

At one point, the Church of Blood gained considerable influence and power in Starling City. They simultaneously managed to get Sebastian Blood elected mayor of Starling City and gained control of Queen Consolidated through Isabel Rochev, and then unleashed an army of Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers on the city. However, the Church of Blood was stopped by the efforts of Team Arrow, and its leaders were imprisoned or killed.

Although the League of Assassins is not based in Starling City, several of its members have operated there, including Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa al'Ghul.


In 2008, boxer Ted Grant began operating as a vigilante patrolling the Glades. He took on Isaac Stanzler as his protege and gained some small media attention. Their vigilante activities ended when Isaac beat to death a criminal he and Ted were pursuing.

In 2012 shipwrecked billionaire Oliver Queen returned to civilization with the purpose of saving Starling City from the people poisoning it. Acting as the vigilante The Hood Oliver dealt major blows to the criminal underworld throughout his first months causing crime rates to lower. Mentally unstable crime lord's daughter, Helena Bertinelli, also acted as a vigilante to exact revenge on her own father, destroying his criminal empire and aiming to murder him. She failed to murder him, however, and he managed to escape from her.

After the earthquake that devastated the city and the Hood's self-imposed retirement, embittered survivors formed a copycat group called the Hoods to exact vigilante vengeance on those they considered guilty of helping in the Glade's destruction. At the same time that the Hoods appeared, Starling saw the arrival of a mysterious vigilante called The Canary, who fought crimes related to misogyny. She turned out to be Sara Lance, who had long been presumed dead.

After the Undertaking, Roy Harper took to vigilantism to protect the innocent people of the Glades. Later he became an informant for The Arrow, and ultimately a member of his team.

After Sara Lance died, Laurel Lance turned to vigilantism as well and took up the mantle of the Canary in place of her sister.






The city was founded in 1910.[1]




Mayors Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Green Arrow comics, the city is named "Star City". It was changed to Starling City to match with the grounded atmosphere the show was introducing.
  • The flyover scenes include cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Frankfurt, and Houston.
  • In the first season episode "Unfinished Business", the coordinates (47.6097N 122.3331W) place a rundown neighborhood of Starling City in Seattle, near the Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic District known for the Seattle Underground. The Underground was built after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and forgotten decades later, much like the subway system abandoned in Starling City.
  • In the second season episode "Blast Radius", a letter addressed to Sebastian Blood had ZIP code 98114. 981xx is the main ZIP Code for Seattle.
  • In the first episode of The Flash, Oliver mentions that Central City is 600 miles away from Starling City.
  • In "The Climb", the Starling City Airport is located on Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.

References Edit

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