The Stargirl suit is a protective suit worn by Courtney as the hero Stargirl.


While operating as Stargirl, as part of the Justice Society of America, the woman wears the suit, it consists of a blue and white suit with white stars on the arms and the chest, red gloves, a red belt and black and red boots. She wore the suit when the JSA went to intercept the Legends for impersonating OSS agents.[1] Shortly after, the JSA showed up at the Folies-Bergére, knocking out brawling Nazis and saving the Legends and Amaya Jiwe. The following day, the JSA teamed up with the Legends to fight Nazis in Fontainebleau Forest. However, Stargirl and Obsidian knocked out by an enhanced Baron Krieger, causing them to need medical attention aboard the Waverider, before they farewelled the Legends.[2]

Years later, in 1956, the JSA (sans Obsidian) travelled to Leipzig to retrieve the Spear of Destiny.[3]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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