"Oliver Queen is dead."
—Conner Hawke

"Star City 2046" is the sixth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixth episode overall.


When a malfunction sends the Waverider crashing into 2046 Star City, our heroes face a startling version of their own future where they never stop Savage and never return home. The city is in ruins and overrun by criminals, which thrills Rory. Sara is despondent over the destruction of her home and stunned when she learns what happened to her old friend, Oliver Queen.[1]




Preparation ran from October 29 until November 6, 2015. Shooting ran from November 9 until November 20, 2015.[2]


  • This episode repeats the ending scene from the last one as the opening.
  • The episode Paradox later reveals Connor's existence is a side-effect of Eobard Thawne's correction of the Flashpoint reality created by Barry Allen, erasing Sara Diggle and replacing her with Connor as John Diggle Jr. This also indicates that this is future is in fact, in contrast to what Rip tells Sara, the true version of Star City's future.
    • However, time appears to still be in flux, as Oliver mentions that he never saw the Legends again after they took off. They meet again in the four part Invasion! crossover with Flash and Supergirl.
    • In addition, it might be possible to prevent this terrible future by ensuring Grant Wilson never gains control of Star City and killing Team Arrow.
  • Prior to this episode on Lian Yu Slade had made mentions of a son name Joe to Oliver, but made no such references to a son named Grant. It's possible Slade could have fathered Grant during the 5 years he plotted his revenge against Oliver. Given that Connor's existence is later revealed to be a result of the Flashpoint reality it's possible that Grant could also be a side-effect, as a different individual as Joe may have never existed.
    • It was confirmed in Arrow: Vengeance, a tie in novel to the Arrowverse continuity that Joe was killed at the age of 10 along with his mother after Slade returned home from Lian Yu.
    • However, it was once again retconned in the Lian Yu episode of Arrow that Joe is still alive. It is possible that this is yet another flux in the timeline, presumably as a result of Flashpoint.
  • Grant Wilson, son of Slade Wilson, is an enemy to the Teen Titans called Ravager in the comics.
  • Ray refers to Kendra as a "real Rosie the Riveter", a reference to the American cultural icon employed during World War II. Rory nicknames two of his men "Fonzie" and "Kenickie". The former is a character from the 1970s/80s TV series, Happy Days, and the latter is a character from the 1971 musical Grease and its later 1978 film of the same name.
  • Oliver Queen is featured as an old man with one arm, in reference to the 1986 four-issue comic book, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns:[3] in Earth-31, an aged Oliver Queen/Green Arrow helps to an aged Bruce Wayne/Batman to beat an aged Clark Kent/Superman with a Kryptonite arrow.
  • The second Green Arrow in the future, calling himself "Connor Hawke", is revealed to be the son of John Diggle. In the comics his mother is Moonday Hawke and his father is Oliver Queen.
  • Oliver mentions a warehouse at the corner of "Adams and O'Neil," referencing the creative team behind the famous Green Lantern/Green Arrow series, Neal Adams and Dennis O'Neil.
  • The alley has a political poster for someone named McCallister running for office in 2040. This is a reference to Bobby McCallister, a character who became President of the United States in 2040 on the Greg Berlanti television series Jack & Bobby.


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