Stacy Conwell is a barista of CC Jitters who seems to be on friendly terms with her former co-worker, Iris West; she also seems be fond of Barry Allen.


When Barry Allen decided it was best for him and Iris West to not see each other for a while due to their different opinions, therefore stopped hanging out at CC Jitters, Stacy noticed it and asked Iris about the matter, expressing that "she kind of missed having him around" and that "he's cute". Later, when Tony Woodward paid Iris a surprised visit, Stacy realized he was the same man who was then being broadcast, and tried to subtly pass the warning to Iris.[1]


The Flash

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Stacy Conwell's father was Barry Allen's colleague; after her father died, she went living with Barry and Iris for a period of time.


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