Spheerical Industries is a technological company located in National City. It was owned and run by Jack Spheer until his death.


Jack Spheer and Lena Luthor began a startup, working together for five years on Biomax, nanobots that could repair human cells. Lena left Jack for Luthor Corp, but he continued to work on them, relatively getting them to work.[1]

Determining that they were allegedly ready for medical application, Jack held a presentation, demonstrating the use of Biomax on a self-inflicted wound, assuring that it would adhere to FDR regulations. However, after Spheer was secretly controlled by CFO Beth Breen, due to having merged with Biomax nanobots in his system, he was subsequently killed, Breen was sent to jail.[1]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jack Spheer's company is called Biospheer.