The speed lab is a room in S.T.A.R. Labs used to test Barry Allen, Jesse Wells and Wally West's speed.


The speed lab was created sometime after Barry changed the timeline again, this was one of the many changes that was made to the timeline. The treadmill was located in this room.

After Harrison Wells and Jesse Wells made their way to Earth One after discovering the latter gained superhuman speed, they were taken to the speed lab. Barry was surprised to learn such a room existed and Wells quickly deduced Barry changed the timeline, as he was unaware such a room existed either. When Jesse Wells tested her speed out in the lab, Wally left out of jealousy.[1]

After several tests, Caitlin noted she could do good but was cut off, as Wells suggested they run more tests. When Jesse left the lab, Wells admitted he was stalling and told Caitlin and Cisco he brought her back to Earth One to get the team to talk her out of being a hero.[1]

After Wally West was given speed powers from the Philosopher's Stone, he tested his new powers in the speed lab with Cisco noting that he was going a lot faster than when Barry started out.[2]

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