"Had Cisco put this together. You OK?"
—Oliver Queen presents John Diggle with his third suit, made by Cisco Ramon[src]

The Spartan suits are a series of protective suits that John Diggle wears as his alter-ego, Spartan.


The first suit consisted of a silver mask with a visor going across the eyes and nose and stopping near the mouth and protective black leather clothing to help him blend in the dark, with sleeves which guns can slide out.


The upgraded suit had exactly the same clothing as the last one but had a better new and improved helmet which was the same color as the old one but this one defended the whole of the user's head, while also allowing for a better range of view with the larger visor, it also appeared to have a light shining on the inside for nighttime patrols, but in the daytime it was shown the color of the visor is red.

The suit was also upgraded with kevlar clothing provided by Cisco.

Second upgrade

The suit was similar to the previous model but received a new red and black design. The helmet remained the same as the previous iteration but red trim was added to match the new suit's updated color scheme.


John Diggle in his old Spartan mask

John Diggle's first suit as Spartan.

John Diggle gained an idea for a suit after Oliver Queen suggested the need for identity concealment. Since then, Cisco Ramon made him the suit for him to wear which he began using after Oliver retired as the Arrow.[1] When John and Lyla visited Central City to deal with King Shark, Cisco asked how the helmet was doing, to which John admitted it could use some improvements. Cisco resolved to get to work on it.[2] Cisco eventually completed the upgrade, with John using the new improved helmet for the first time during Team Arrow assault on Tobias Church's operations.[3]

After the Dominators kidnapped John, the status of the suit remained unknown. However, after John escaped, he got himself a new, similar suit in the fabrication room of the Waverider.


  • Identity concealment: John uses a helmet to conceal his identity and to keep his friends and families safe from harm.
  • Slide out gun: John relies on a slide out gun which can slide out from his sleeve.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.
  • Thermal scan: Possibly one of Cisco's upgrades to John's third suit, the helmet provides thermal imaging, allowing him to scan the area for enemies.

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Behind the scenes

  • The helmet was quickly met with negative backlash, for looking extremely similar to the helmet used by Magneto in the Marvel Comics X-Men franchise. Diggle said to Cisco that the helmet could use some improvements (possibly a nod to the negative backlash). He eventually received an improved helmet which had an arguably better design than the previous one.


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