The sonic device was a non-lethal weapon used by Sara Lance, and later Laurel Lance, to produce a sonic wave that deafened people and shattered glass. After Sara's death, Laurel began using them as the Black Canary. However, she talked to Cisco Ramon and had him upgrade them to a more powerful, collared version, which he dubbed the Canary Cry.

Weapon specifications

  • Sonic wave generation: The user of the device is able to generate a non-lethal-but-piercing, sound used to disable large groups of people and can also be used as an improvised explosive devices for the purpose of distraction or escape. 

Known users

Laurel Lance shows Cisco her sister's sonic device

Laurel presents one to Cisco Ramon, hoping to upgrade it.

Former users



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Season 4

The Flash

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Dinah Lance created sonic devices called the "Canary Bombs", when she temporarily lost her meta-human power of super sonic scream, the "Canary Cry".