"That looks a lot like a Palmer Tech building, but why does it have a Smoak logo on it?."
Ray Palmer on Smoak Technologies[src]

Smoak Technologies is a company run by Felicity Smoak in a potential future. In the present time; the company is known as Helix Dynamics.


In a potential future where Ray never returned from his mission with Rip Hunter and his team, Felicity renamed Palmer Technologies as Smoak Technologies, at some point between 2016 and 2031, presumably believing Ray had died during this time.

In 2031, Star City was invaded by Grant Wilson/Deathstroke's army and when most of Team Arrow were killed and Oliver incapacitated and presumed dead, Felicity left, deeming the city a lost cause. However, before leaving she had most of her projects relocated for safe keeping.

In 2046 the building was shown to still be standing. To repair their ship Rip, Sara and Connor broke into the warehouse where Felicity's projects were being kept to acquire the technology they needed. [1]

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