Skel is a resident of Starling City. He was interrogated by Oliver, because he was suspected of killing Sara Lance. However it is revealed that he had nothing to do with the latter's death.


Skel was pursued and interrogated by Oliver, as the Arrow, regarding the murder of Sara Lance. Out of fear, he attempts to escape, fearing for his life. However, when Oliver catches him, he divulges sparse details involving "a woman was killed on a rooftop a week before, dressed in black leather, with blonde hair and who wore a mask", but tells Oliver that he didn't have anything to do with her murder. Oliver does not believe him initially, as his fingerprints were on a broken piece of glass found at the crime-scene, to which Skel replies that he had been drinking with his friends on the rooftop when a female fitting Sara's description showed up and instructed them to leave. Given her intimating air, they obeyed. Oliver then realizes Skel could not be Sara's killer and departs, leaving a thoroughly terrified Skel behind. [1]



Season 3


  • In DC Comics Skel is a nickname of a criminal named Judson Pierce, enemy of Batman, although this character seems to have nothing in common with him, so it is probably a coincidence.


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