Sherwood Florist is a gardening club and store in Star City.


Carrie Cutter was a member of the club and used it to store a notorious mobster she had abducted. Strapping a bomb to him she then made a picture and send it to Team Arrow to tease Oliver Queen. Felicity Smoak managed to identify a bag of fertilizer in the background and traced it back to the club. The Arrow and Arsenal broke a lock and split up to find Carrie and the mobster. Carrie had expected them and quickly subdued Roy and captured him. The Arrow found the teasing Carrie who used both Roy and the mobster as a hostage. She forced the latter on a chair with a tripwire wrapped around his neck that would make his bomb vest explode. After trying to persuade the Arrow to be with her, when he refused she furiously kicked the chair and ran off. Oliver managed to shoot the wire before the device exploded, and threw the vest in the air and made it explode with an arrow.[1]



Season 3


  • In the Pre-52 comics, Black Canary (Dinah Lance) was a florist, who owned two floral stores, both with the name of "Sherwood Florist". The first was in Seattle, which unfortunately was burned down. The second store was established when she moved to Gotham City and was working with the Birds of Prey. This one she named "Sherwood Florist II".
  • The name is a reference to "Sherwood Forest", where Robin Hood, arguably the first bow-wielding vigilante, operated in England.


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