The Flash was renewed for a fourth season by The CW on January 8, 2017.[1] It premiered on October 10, 2017.


Main cast

Recurring cast


"Running up against an evil time remnant version of yourself is something no one should ever have to do, but that’s exactly what faced Barry Allen (aka The Flash) as he fought to save the life of fiancée Iris West from the God of Speed known as Savitar."

"Barry’s victory was short-lived, however, as an unbalanced Speed Force began to wreak havoc on Central City, forcing Barry to sacrifice himself for the greater good."

"With The Fastest Man Alive now trapped inside an extra-dimensional energy, and unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, it will be up to Team Flash to free Barry from his own personal Hell."[8]

Confirmed plot points

  • There will be a four-way crossover with Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow.
    • The crossover will take place over two-nights and will consist of 2 "two-hour miniseries". The first "two-hour miniseries" will consist of Supergirl and Arrow while the second one will consist of The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.[9]
    • The crossover will have high emotional stakes and emotional payoffs with romance in the air.[9]
    • The title of the crossover is Crisis on Earth-X.[10]
    • The live-action debut of The Ray will happen in the crossover.
    • Iris & Barry will get married in the crossover.
  • A superhero from the DC Comics called Elongated Man will make a recurring appearance throughout this season.[5]
  • Gypsy's father will be introduced.[3]
  • Harrison "Harry" Wells will be a part of the season but another version of Harrison Wells might show up.[2]
  • Tom Cavanagh will direct at least one episode this season.[11]
  • Tracy Brand will return at some point but she won’t be a full-fledged member of Team Flash.[7]
  • A villain named Hazard will appear in the third episode.[12]
  • Felicity Smoak will appear in the fifth episode "Girls Night Out".[6]
  • Ralph Dibny is a private investigator. He and Barry will not get along as they have this shared, checkered past.[13]

Confirmed new characters

  • Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man: Ralph has the ability to stretch his body to super-human lengths and sizes... however, while resculpting his old body is easy to do, Dibny finds losing the old misguided sense of truth and slobbery, even after joining the team at S.T.A.R. Labs, is a far more difficult task to accomplish.[5]
  • Breacher: Earth-19 bounty hunter Gypsy's imposing father. Also a feared bounty hunter, he seeks to prevent any inter-dimensional traveler from threatening life on his planet - especially his daughter's.[3]
  • Rebecca "Becky" Sharpe/Hazard: Perpetually down-on her luck and is convinced her life is cursed — until a freak accident changes everything. With the universe on her side, she poses a threat to both Team Flash and Central City.[12]
  • Amunet Black/Blacksmith: A steely and badass boss of an underground black market for supervillains. Amunet uses every means possible, including the long list of metahumans under her thumb, to ensure her illicit enterprise thrives.[6]


# Episode name Directed by Story by Teleplay by Original airdate
1 "The Flash Reborn" Glen Winter Andrew Kreisberg Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace October 10, 2017
With Barry in the speed force, Iris, Kid Flash, Joe and Vibe have taken over protecting Central City. However, when a powerful armored villain threatens to level the city if The Flash doesn't appear, Cisco makes a risky decision to break Barry out of the speed force. However, the Barry that comes out isn't the same Barry that went in.
2 "Mixed Signals" Alexandra La Roche Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza October 17, 2017
Barry has his hands full when he takes on a dangerous meta who can control technology, while also confronting an obstacle in his personal life; the ramifications of abandoning Iris for six months to balance the Speed Force. Meanwhile, Gypsy breaches in for a hot date with Cisco, but she gets annoyed when his work keeps them apart.
3 "Luck Be a Lady"[14] Armen V. Kevorkian[14] Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira[14] October 24, 2017[14]
Barry and the team are hit by a string of bad luck and realize it is the handiwork of a new meta, Becky nicknamed Hazard, who has the ability to give others bad luck, while cashing in the benefits for herself. Meanwhile, Harry Wells returns to Earth-1 to give Wally a message from Jesse.[14]
4 "Elongated Journey Into Night"[15] Tom Cavanagh[15] Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound[15] October 31, 2017[15]
Cisco is shocked when Gypsy's father, Breacher, shows up on Earth-1. Breacher takes an immediate disliking to Cisco and decides to hunt him. Meanwhile, Barry runs into his old nemesis, Ralph Dibny.[15]
5 "Girls Night Out"[6] Laura Belsey[16] Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim[16] November 7, 2017[16]
Having received an ominous threat from her old boss, Amunet, Caitlin fears that her past time as Killer Frost may be back to haunt her. Felicity comes to Central City to help the girls celebrate Iris’s bachelorette party, while Cisco, Joe and the guys take Barry out for a night on the town.[17]
6 "When Harry Met Harry"[18] TBA TBA TBA TBA
7 "Therefore I Am" TBA TBA TBA TBA
8 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3"[19] TBA TBA TBA November 28, 2017[20]



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