Scott Morgan (born 1959) was a businessman whose company was wasting electricity in Central City.


Visit from Arrow

Scott Morgan ran an electricity company, which operated in Starling and Central Cities. The company was wasting electricity in Central City and causing brownouts. This caused The Hood to appear, forcing Scott to turn the company's daily wattage logs over to the police within six hours.[1]

However, Scott acted quickly and rushed to the plant, getting an employee to put all of the records on to a hard drive. The man delivered the hard drive to Scott, only to be shot in the head. He ran away, but was stopped in his tracks by The Hood. The Hood shot an arrow at Scott, but it was caught by his bodyguard, a former Israeli military, or Tzahal. The bodyguard attacked The Hood, only to be beaten aside. Right on cue, explosives, which were set in the plant, detonated. Scott survived the explosion, but The Hood appeared to be killed.[1]

The next night, Scott met with Moira Queen and a bodyguard. He told his story, but the bodyguard informed him that the hard drive was in the hands of the police. Scott was promptly shot dead.[1]



Season 1




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