Dr. Elisa Schwartz[1] is an attending physician at Starling General Hospital. She often treats Team Arrow as their recurring doctor.


Thea's ongoing bloodlust got worst, causing her to go into a coma. Dr. Schwartz told Oliver that her prognosis wasn't good at all.[2]

Laurel Lance was brought into Starling General Hospital in her Black Canary suit after suffering in the hands of Damien Darhk. Schwartz and the trauma team tended to her, helping her recover. However, despite being in the clear, she eventually began seizing to no avail.[3] Oliver returned later to thank her for her doctor-patient confidentiality regarding Laurel and Oliver's secret identities. He proceeded to ask her regarding an impostor tarnishing Laurel's reputation, but she was unable to give a name.[4]

Oliver goes to see Schwartz after he was attacked by Vigilante. She advised him to reach out to a friend to help his mind heal from his stressful life.[5]

In addition to treating Rene and Diggle following Adrian Chase's endgame five months ago,[6] Schwartz also helped Team Arrow get the cure to the victim Anatoly was currently holding hostage.[7]

Diggle continues to be treated by her after he continued to suffer withdrawal from the drug he was taking for the tremors in his right arm until his release from the hospital on Thanksgiving. That night also saw her inform Oliver that Thea woke up from her six month coma.[8]

Cayden James unleashed a deadly attack all over the city with his cyberattacks including the hospital on the day Schwartz was working, which in turn killed her colleague after one of the monitors exploded.[9]

Dinah and Curtis check to see how Rene is doing after his Lian Yu injury re-opened following the fight between Team Arrow and New Team Arrow. Only to find out from Schwartz that he will have to be transported to a facility outside of Star City where he'll need extra treatment after the wound caused his lung to re-collapse and there was no other option for the doctors to fix it.[10]

Dinah questions Schwartz about Laurel's Earth Two counterpart. Schwartz tells her that she will work on the DNA results.[11]

Schwartz appeared in court for Oliver's trial where she was asked by Alexa Van Owen if she was able to discern him as Green Arrow on the night Laurel Lance died.[1]

Diggle and his wife Lyla go see Schwartz for one last checkup on his arm minutes before they were attacked by Ricardo Diaz's gunmen inside the hospital. Schwartz allows him to go after she saw no signs of nerve damage.[12]

Schwartz and her team attempted to save Quentin after Diaz shot him while Team Arrow waits outside around the same time Samandra Watson arrests Oliver again. But it was too late when she reports that Quentin seized during the operation, leaving everyone devastated including Laurel and Sara.[13]



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