Saracon is a member of The Hidden, the son of the late Lourdes and Malcolm Merlyn, and the half-brother of Nyssa al Ghul, Tommy Merlyn, and Thea Queen.


Early life

When his mother, Lourdes, was on a mission for The Hidden, Saracon was bitten by twin snow leopards, seemingly giving him the ability of inter-species telepathy. At the age of three, he could control the horses of the League of Assassins and by seven he could control birds. At ten years old, The Hidden finally rescued him and his mother.[1]

Working for The Hidden

Saracon cut off his finger, wearing an ancient ring,[2] sending it in an envelope to Malcolm Merlyn. He and his mother sent The Hidden to attack his fortress, killing almost everyone. He sacrificially ate the heart of a llama that had died, while his people breached Malcolm's defences.[3] They quickly escaped through a hidden exit, causing Saracon to remain adamant in his mission to claim what was rightfully his. Having made his blood sacrifice, he decided that Merlyn had to make his, blowing up the charges they had set. Once down in the tunnels, Saracon noticed a grouping of bats along crevices in the walls. He made a loud, high-pitched noise, causing the bats to ambush the enemy, allowing them to catch up.[4] They were able to trap them, but not for long, as one of them had discovered a secret entrance in the ground, causing them to fall down. Saracon and Lourdes followed, successfully capturing and chaining up Malcolm, wishing him to confess his sins.[5] A day later, Saracon had captured Malcolm Merlyn, putting him in a cave that would eventually flood.[2] He forced him to admit his true name, Arthur King.[3] Refusing to admit any more, he hit him, calling a bat to his aid with his inter-species telepathy. Merlyn commented on this, for which Saracon recounted the story, claiming it as a gift from the gods.[1] They were interrupted by Lourdes, who told Saracon of Rainie's escape. Commenting on Saracon's telepathic ability, Malcolm was strangled by Lourdes, before being stopped by Saracon who wished for a full confession.[6]

Powers and abilities


  • Inter-species telepathy: Saracon was gifted the ability to communicate with animals, specifically also bats, horses and birds, calling them to his aid when necessary. He claimed it to be a gift from the gods, having been bitten by snow leopards.[1]



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