For the character she's named after, see Sara Lance.
For her Post-Flashpoint counterpart see John Diggle, Jr..

Sara Diggle (born October 8, 2014; Pre-Flashpoint)[1] was the daughter of John and Lyla Michaels in the previous timeline. She was named after Sara Lance. As a result of Barry Allen's alteration of history, creating and then trying to revert the Flashpoint timeline, Sara was (permanently/accidentally) erased from existence; in the current timeline, John and Lyla instead have a son, John Diggle, Jr..


Born just before the murder of Sara Lance, the Diggle family decided to name Sara after their fallen friend.[2] Sara is doted on by both her parents, especially her father, who once claimed he could watch her forever. He is also very protective; when Lyla asked what he plans to do when Sara discovers boys, he jokingly responded that's what his Glock is for.

Sara was introduced to Team Arrow's secrets at an early age when John brought her to the Arrowcave while Lyla was on assignment and their nanny unavailable. Oliver protested, though John argued that Sara wouldn't be able to tell anyone; at Felicity's suggestion, Sara was cared for by Felicity's mother, Donna.

Sara was present at the wedding of her parents, and was a major influence on their career decisions. When her parents returned from Kaznia following Deadshot's sacrifice, Lyla decided to quit A.R.G.U.S., now revealed as corrupt, to protect Sara. John resolved to stay with Team Arrow to set a good example for their daughter.

When she was a little older, after Oliver joins the League of Assassins, Sara went to dinner with her parents, Felicity and Thea, and seemed to play well with them. Soon after she witnessed the abduction of Lyla by the League, and was left crying in her crib until she was found by Felicity and John.

Sara met her uncle, Andy Diggle, after he redeemed himself by saving John and Lyla's lives and brought down his former CO, Lieutenant Joyner, and Shadowspire.

When Barry Allen went back in time to prevent his mother from being killed, he created an alternate timeline known as "Flashpoint". Sara's status in the Flashpoint timeline is unknown, but when Eobard Thawne helped Barry Allen restore the previous timeline, some less obvious changes remained. One of the major ones was the erasure of Sara from existence; in this new timeline, the Diggle family instead has a son; John Diggle, Jr.

After the Dominators invade, Barry reveals the existence of Sara in the previous timeline which John and later Lyla become somewhat estranged from Barry (even though they have no memories of ever having a daughter) though the two eventually forgive him.



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