Samuel Bernard (born 1980) is a former teacher of Midvale High School and the lover of Josie. He was the prime suspect in Kenny Li's murder.


Samuel was a history teacher at Midvale High School. His students included Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers, Kenny Li and Josie. At some point in 2007, he entered into an illegal love affair with Josie. Kenny discovered this when he caught the two of them kissing in the woods through his telescope. Kenny emailed Samuel a copy of the picture as a warning that he knew of the affair, much to Samuel's anger.

The next day, Kenny was murdered. When the photo was uncovered, Alex confronted Josie, believing Samuel had killed Kenny to hide the affair. Josie revealed this to Samuel, which worried him. After school, Josie visited Samuel at his house, where they discussed the situation. She then witnessed him being arrested since Alex had reported their relationship to the authorities. In the end, Kenny's murderer was revealed to be Sheriff Collins, not Samuel.

Samuel was sentenced to 10 years in prison for statutory rape.[1]



Season 3


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