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Samantha Clayton is the former lover of Oliver Queen, and she is the mother of his son William. Oliver ultimately got her pregnant, though she was paid $1 million by Moira Queen to pretend she had had a miscarriage and move back to Central City, though she never cashed the check. Oliver eventually discovered the truth eight years later.


Affair with Oliver Queen

In 2007, Samantha was the first of two known women with whom Oliver cheated on Laurel (the other being Sara Lance), but he accidentally got her pregnant. Oliver became distressed when he learned this and told his mother. Moira brought the girl over to discuss the matter and made her an offer: 1 million dollars to tell Oliver that she had lost the baby and another $1 million to move to Central City and never speak to him again, to which, after some uncertainty, she agreed. Later, she told Oliver the "bad news" over the phone, and he was both saddened and relieved that he wasn't going to be a dad, unaware of the truth.[1]

Crossing paths with Oliver in Central City

In late 2014 the woman stopped by CC Jitters one day where she bumped into Oliver. She said she was sorry for what happened to Moira, and he in turn apologized for not getting in touch with her after their affair which she understood. He conspicuously failed to mention her name, or introduce her to Felicity, Barry and Iris, who were with him at the time; he simply told Felicity she was someone he used to know. As they left, the woman called her child and told them she'd be home soon with hot chocolate, as she looked at Oliver one last time.[2]

A year later Oliver ran into their son when he bumped into Oliver. When he saw Samantha, the girl who was pregnant with his child eight years earlier, and saw how old the kid appeared, he was shock and realized she lied about the miscarriage.[3]

Photos of Samantha Clayton and William

Oliver seeing photos of Samantha Clayton and William, realizing how much he had been missing out.

Oliver later attempted to get Samantha to admit the child was his, to which she denied, leading him to grab some hair sample from the kid's cap, and have Barry Allen to run DNA tests. After seeing the result, Oliver approached Samantha again, wanting to be a part of their son William's life. Samantha set up conditions such as William and no one else could never learn the real identity of his father, to which Oliver eventually agreed upon.[4]


Samantha is shallow. When Oliver learned the truth, denied him to be part of William's life as her friend, on the condition William and no one else learns the truth, despite the fact that Oliver is no longer the spoiled brat he once was and is now a changed person.

Samantha also despised Moira, because she was a manipulative-liar, as it is the reason why she never allowed the latter anywhere near her son, as she correctly believed Moira would be a bad influence on William.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics universe, Oliver has an illegitimate child named Connor Hawke with a woman named Sandra. Hawke would go on to succeed Oliver as the Green Arrow.


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