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"I am from the time before fathoming. Born to cleanse the scourge and deliver the awakening. I am Reign."
—Reign to Supergirl[src]

Samantha "Sam" Arias (born 1979) is a Kryptonian world killer known as Reign, who was sent to Earth prior to Krypton's destruction and found by Patricia Arias, who raised her as her daughter. As an adult, she briefly became the acting CEO of L-Corp, before transitioning to a position as the CFO. Sam is the single mother of Ruby Arias. She remained unaware of her origins until her powers started to manifest.


Early life

Reign's pod is sent off from Krypton

Sam as a baby sent off to Earth.

According to a Kryptonian hologram, she is the culmination of years of Kryptonian research. The same hologram appeared as an apparition and stated that she was born from Rao's fire. On the day of Krypton's destruction, as a baby, a group of hooded figures placed her in a Kryptonian escape pod and sent her to Earth, saying that she would grow strong there and that she would then reign.[1] According to Thomas Coville, the world killer Reign's legend existed long before the book of Rao.

When her pod landed on Earth, Patricia Arias found her, took her in and raised her as her daughter.[2] Patricia took her swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays.[3] At some point prior to turning 18, Samantha was kicked out of the house by her adoptive mother for being pregnant. Her pregnancy also delayed her manifestation as the Worldkiller, "Reign".[2] Experiencing ups and downs after having her daughter, Ruby, Sam nevertheless pulled through by herself from one job and city to the next to ensure that she and Ruby would have a future together. Sam would later be acquainted with Lena Luthor, leading to an exclusively professional working relationship since the latter would not regard Samantha on the level of a legitimate friend, together with Kara, until much later on when the three of them acquaint themselves together.

The unveiling and working at L-Corp

Sam lifting a steel beam off Ruby

Sam's powers begin to awaken.

Samantha attended the Supergirl statue unveiling by Lena Luthor with her daughter, Ruby. She encountered Alex Danvers there when Ruby ran into her and Samantha made Ruby apologize for it. During the attack at the unveiling, a metal bar fell on Ruby. Samantha, frantic and desperate to save her daughter, lifted the intensely heavy beam, much to her surprise. She later went to bed, but woke up disturbed and sweating after inadvertently having a nightmare of Alura Zor-El turning into a hideous monster.[4]

Samantha Arias meets Kara Danvers

Sam meets Kara Danvers.

  Later, she appeared at CatCo where she met Kara Danvers, unknowingly meeting Supergirl herself in her civilian persona at that very workplace where the two of them shared the same boss, Lena herself, who reveals to Kara that she hired and assigned Sam at L-Corp to be the acting CEO there while Lena Luthor adjusted to her new business in editorial. The two women shook hands in a welcoming gesture, completely unaware that this friendship forged between the three of them, at that point, would be one fraught with many extraordinary and unexpected challenges worth remembering, from within as well as beyond. At home, Samantha had trouble sleeping and, while searching for light-bulbs at her house’s garage area, found a crowbar. She remembered what her daughter had said and tried to bend it, but failed in doing so.[5]

Sam tells Ruby she doesn't have powers

Sam insists she doesn't have powers.

Sam drove Ruby to school the next day, and while they waited in the car, Ruby questioned her about what happened at the unveiling. Ruby believed that her mother had superpowers, but Samantha explained to Ruby that it was nothing more than an adrenaline rush, caused by seeing her daughter in danger and that it happened to a lot of mothers. Ruby didn't believe her and continued to insist that Samantha had superpowers.

Later that day, moments before entering a meeting, Sam was called by the principal of Ruby's school and was informed that Ruby had been in a fight. When enquired, Ruby informed her mother that she got into the fight because a girl in her school called her a liar for saying that her mother had superpowers. Samantha tried to convince Ruby again that she didn't have powers, which caused her to yell, and Ruby to run off. Sometime following, Samantha received delivery pizza and took it to Ruby's room, only to find her gone.

Sam and Ruby after the attack

Sam and Ruby talk after the attack.

She messaged Ruby and asked her where she was, and Ruby told her mom her location. Samantha ran out and found Ruby in the midst of an attack by Psi, and moments before they were crushed by a wrecking ball, Supergirl saved them. Meeting and exchanging words with Alex again, who left soon afterwards so she could be at the side of her fiancée, Samantha talked to Ruby after the attack while the two of them were in the ambulance, with the latter inquiring if her mom supposes that Supergirl has a job as a normal person and outside of heroism, and realized that Ruby wanted her to have superpowers so that she wouldn't have to work, and could just save people and spend time with her. Samantha then assured her daughter that she would always spend time with her, no matter what.

Samantha Arias meets Kara Danvers

Sam meets Kara Danvers.

Later, she appeared at CatCo, to meet up with Lena, where she met Kara Danvers, unknowingly (and very ironically) meeting Supergirl herself in her civilian persona at that very workplace where the two of them shared the same boss, Lena herself, who reveals to Kara that she hired and assigned Sam at L-Corp to be the acting CEO there while Lena Luthor adjusted to her new business in editorial. And before Lena, the two Kryptonians (each completely ignorant of the other’s true alien nature) shook hands in welcoming gesture, completely unaware that this friendship forged between the three of them at that point, would be one fraught with many extraordinary and unexpected challenges worth remembering, from within as well as beyond. At home, Samantha had trouble sleeping and, while searching for light-bulbs at her house’s garage area, found a crowbar. She remembered what her daughter had said and tried to bend it, but failed in doing so. Dismissing the thought, she then went to bed that night.[5]

Samantha attended one of Ruby's soccer games and proudly cheered her daughter on from the sidelines. She took a call during the game and stated that if JQB has a problem with the deal she was trying to set up they can contact her directly. As she was talking, Ruby scored a goal and asked her mom if she saw it, and Sam covered by shouting that she did and that Ruby did a great job. A woman walked up to her and asked which child was Sam's, and Sam pointed her daughter out and jokingly stated that she wasn't sure how Ruby was so coordinated since she herself isn't. She asked the woman which child was hers, but the woman reflected and stated that Ruby was special and was chosen - they both were, and handed her a flyer for a meeting. Sam asked for the lady's name, and the woman stated that she was a follower and asked her to bring Ruby to the community. Sam forced a smile and thanked the woman who walked away.

Lena and Kara arrived at L-Corp moments before Sam walked in, telling the former two of Ruby’s soccer game, and then taking the kids for ice cream thereafter — hence Samantha’s late arrival. She then told Lena that the JQB merger should be finalized any minute and handed the papers to Lena, who signed them. Lena asked how she was planning to celebrate her first big merger as CEO, and Sam just chuckled. Kara invited Sam to her girls 'night, and she initially declined but after being pressed a little more by both Lena and Kara, she agreed to attend. She asked what to bring and Lena told her to bring booze - but not tequila. Kara found the flyer the woman from Ruby's soccer game gave her and asked her about it, and Sam told Kara what had happened and let Kara take the flyer.

That night at girls' night, Sam met Alex and Maggie and drank some wine. She asked Kara about her relationship status, and was saddened to hear that Kara's boyfriend had "moved away". Alex asked Samantha if Ruby's father was still in the picture, and Samantha quickly stated that it was just her and Ruby. Alex was impressed with Sam's ability to raise a daughter on her own and asked how that was possible. Sam thought for a moment and stated that it wasn't always done gracefully, she was normally always behind on something and that Alex and Maggie would see when they have kids. Alex informed her that they weren't going to have children and were just going to be the cool aunts, and Samantha stated that it was great and Ruby would love that. She then apologized for assuming but was quickly assured by both Alex and Maggie that it was fine. Lena then chimed in and told Sam to put her down as another cool Aunt, and Alex told her to put Kara down as a slightly nerdier Aunt, which made Samantha really happy.

Samantha talking to Ruby from Lena's desk

Sam explains to Ruby that she has to work.

The next day at L-Corp, Ruby was doing her homework on the floor and asked her mom to help her with her song. Samantha asked about Ruby's French project and was surprised to learn that her daughter had finished all of her homework and she apologized for being so busy. A man entered the room and informed Samantha of a problem with the merger, and Samantha started to deal with it much to her daughter's disappointment.

Later that night she entered her office to find Ruby asleep on the couch, and placed her own jacket over her daughter. Lena entered and the two discussed the merger, and Samantha told her that the merger was finalized, and Lena congratulated her on it. Sam smiled lightly before she started to cry and apologized for being unprofessional. She then confided to Lena about her screwing up with Ruby and the fact that all Ruby wanted to do was practice her song, but she was too busy with work to help her, and that she felt like the worst mother. Lena told her that she had the worst mother and that Sam was doing just fine by a mile from how Lillian did with Lena, but Sam responded that her daughter fell asleep on her couch at work and that wasn't great. Lena kindly told her that Ruby fell asleep watching her mom work hard and knowing that it was only Sam who could be relied upon with that ability to meet L-Corp’s corporate expectations (which will then serve them all well in the long run) and that was how you raise a girl to be a badass — by letting her understand the world at her own pace; and at the same time, always being there to make sure that her daughter makes the right choices in terms of decisions and perspective. Sam smiled and mentioned that Ruby already was a badass, and Lena agreed and told her that it was because she was loved and knows it. Sam only appreciatively smiled further in response.

At Ruby's play that night, Sam was surprised to see that Lena, Kara, and Alex actually came to support her daughter. She was also happy to hear that they were ready to be the cool Aunts. Sam then proudly watched her daughter sing her solo beautifully, and took pictures as she performed.

At the end of that night, Sam ran a bath and took some medicine. When she looked in the mirror, she was horrified to see herself covered in strange symbols. She heard whispering behind her and turned around and was terrified to see a woman in a cloak standing behind her. The woman stated that she was born from Rao's fire, and Sam cowered on the bathroom floor in fear. Ruby entered the bathroom and worriedly asked her mother what was wrong, and Sam check her hands and noticed that the symbols were gone.[6]

Samantha dropped Ruby off at school the next day, and Ruby asked her mother about what had happened the night before when Sam was cowering in fear in the bathroom. Sam stated that it was just a bad dream, but Ruby, confused, retorted that she was awake. Sam then told her that it was a migraine and that it was time for school. They hugged goodbye before Ruby climbed out. As Sam was preparing to pull away, a friend Ruby was talking to collapsed on the ground and started shaking. Ruby shouted to her mother, who quickly ran over to help.

Later, at Luthor Family Children Hospital, Samantha was seen hugging a woman (presumably the mother of the collapsed boy) and looked worriedly after the woman. Moments later, Lena and Kara arrived and asked why she was there. Sam told them what had happened, and that the boy was diagnosed with lead poisoning. She also remarks that Morgan Edge's stunt was awful, and the whole situation is bad. She then watched from a distance as Lena and Kara confronted Morgan Edge.

She then joined Lena and Kara at CatCo to discuss the issue and whether or not Lena's lead bomb could have been responsible for the children getting sick. She told Lena that there could be hundreds of other reasons that the children were getting sick, and backed Kara's statement of Morgan Edge by saying that he is ruthless. Lena wasn't convinced and Sam responded by saying that the device saved everyone in the city, including herself. James joined the room and recommended that Lena step down from CatCo, which Lena agreed to, and went further to say that she was stepping down from L-Corp as well. Sam disagreed and told her that they need Lena to help with the research, but Lena assured her that the company could handle it and that she didn't want to be accused of tampering with the research. When an angry parent arrived at CatCo and confronted Lena, Sam was seen behind Lena and was horrified to hear the mans story.

At a press conference later that day, Sam stood off to the side of Lena and showed her support for her friend. A shooter open fired at Lena, which caused panic throughout the crowd and Sam jumped out of the way and laid on the ground until the shooter was apprehended.

After the conference, Lena stayed at Sam's house and expressed that she didn't want to put Sam and Ruby in danger. Sam told her that it was fine and that the woman was in custody, Ruby was at a friend’s house and went on to tell Lena to take her Louis Vuitton's off and drink some water since she was probably dehydrated. Lena pressed that Sam could have been shot and she shouldn't be hiding her, but Sam assured her that it was fine. She stated that Lena gave her a break when she needed one the most and that she wanted to return the favor. Ruby walked out with pillows and blankets, and Lena agreed to spend one night at the house, which made Sam smile and say that this is what friends are for. Lena asked that if Ruby was sick if Sam would still be her friend, and Sam simply looked up at her not speaking.

That night, Sam returned home from a late night at work to find Lena passed out on the couch and Kara still at the house. She thanked Kara for staying and that even though she's known Lena for a long time, she had never seen her like that. Kara responded by saying that Lena wanted everyone to think she was tough, and Sam agreed and finished Kara's thought by saying that Lena was “all mush” inside. Sensing kinship within one another (oh, they have no idea…), the two women then banded together to try and figure out if there was a pattern, but all the kids infected were scattered and that there wasn't a pattern. Sam decided to follow a lead on finances between the kids, and had all the finances for the parents pulled up from her laptop in a matter of minutes, making Kara see as to why Lena thinks so highly of Samantha. The two noticed that everyone went to a food truck located at the park for Oktoberfest on the same day, and thought that it could be something in the food.

They then went to the park but all the trucks were gone. That leads them to a building in the park that the kids may have gone into. Hoping that whatever afflicted the children was something indoors, Samantha suggests that she and Kara check the building’s interior. However, when Sam tried the door she found that it was locked. When she wasn't looking, Kara broke into the door and covered it up by saying it was just a sticky hinge. They entered the building to reveal public pools and Kara remarked that Eliza used to bring her somewhere similar, and Sam asked who Eliza was. When Kara responded that Eliza was her adoptive mom every Tuesday and Thursday, and Sam was surprised to learn that and stated that she was adopted as well. However, her place was Monday's and Wednesday's. As they walked past the pool Sam remarked that Ruby loved swimming and so does every kid. When Kara x-rayed the pool, she noticed that something odd was in it. She tested it with a liquid-sampling device and electronically sent it to Winn for analysis, and Sam commented that Winn must be a good friend to have, believing him to just be a friend of Kara's at the FBI. Both were surprised and relieved to hear that Lena wasn't responsible, but were horrified to learn that someone probably and deliberately put a dangerous compound in the pool that mimicked the symptoms of lead poisoning.

After Supergirl saved Lena, the three girls returned to Sam's house where they drank wine and talked about the day. Sam relayed the message that the synthetic antidote that L-Corp made was working and all the kids were getting better. Lena thanked both the girls for their help, and Sam agreed and stated that she and Kara made a pretty good team. Kara smiled and stated that it was more than pretty good, and the two clinked their glasses. Lena stated that she never had anyone who loved her despite her flaws before, and Kara remarked that was because she never had a sister before and now she has, wrapping her arm around Lena. Sam smiled and stated, that Lena has two sisters now, and joined the group hug which caused everyone to laugh and smile happily.

Later that night, after both Lena and Kara had left, Sam tucked Ruby into bed and assured her that the boy who was sick was going to be fine. Ruby stated that she liked her mom's friends which made Sam happy, and she stated she liked them to, but she liked Ruby better. She gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead, and Ruby remarked that there was a hole in her mom's shirt. Sam found it weird and said goodnight to her daughter before leaving the room. She went to the kitchen and shook out her jacket. A crushed bullet fell out, and to Sam's shock, she realized that she had been shot. However, she wasn't wounded and the bullet had been crushed after hitting her.[3]

Discovering her true identity

Samantha was at her kitchen preparing a meal for Ruby and herself, and immersed in the doubt of whether she had powers or not. In order to test her suspicion, she put her hand in the boiling water without Ruby noticing and saw that nothing happened to her hand. Surprised, she told Ruby that she had to go back to work and that Ruby would go to Tess' for dinner. Ruby tried to protest, but Sam snapped at her, saying it wasn't up for debate.

She then drove out to her adoptive mother, Patricia Arias' house for information. She knocked on the door and Patricia welcomed her in. She brought tea for Sam, and asked how Sam's child was doing. However, she floundered as she didn't remember the child's name, and Sam quickly stated that the child's name was Ruby. Patricia attempted to brush this off by saying that Sam couldn't expect her to remember the name of a child she had never met. Sam was upset by this remark and started to leave, but then informed her of the events at the Luthor press conference. She then pressed on and asked if as a child she did anything strange. For example, if ever had a really bad fall or lifted anything heavy, and Patricia firmly stated no and tried to change the subject. Samantha, however, persisted and asked about her birth mother. Patricia then took her to the barn and showed her the pod that she found her in. She stated that she never adopted Sam, she found her, helpless and scared as a baby in the pod. Patricia said that she planned to tell her when she turned eighteen, but she had left by then due to the pregnancy. Confirming her suspicions of being an alien (of which, National City now abounded of), Samantha examined the side panel of the ship, and this caused the pod to turn on and a beacon emerged on the front side of the ship.

Later, Samantha told Ruby she would be going out to find some answers and promised her she will tell her everything once she got back, apologizing for how she behaved earlier and had Ruby hold her by the wrist and hand, assuring her daughter that something wonderful is coming their way. She also left money for takeout and told her that the sitter would be arriving shortly. She then took the beacon she found from the ship and followed its light out and into the middle of the desert. However, when her car broke down she was forced to go on foot. Beginning to doubt this endeavor, she nevertheless followed the beacon's signal to the middle of a clearing. All of a sudden, the ground shook and pikes made of rock emerged to form a huge structure.

Samantha cautiously went inside the structure, not knowing what to expect from there, and placed the beacon into a console panel that caused everything around her to activate. A holographic projection emerged, similar to that of Alura Zor-El that Kara keeps at the D.E.O headquarters, and told her she had answers for her questions. Samantha told the projection that she had seen her in her dreams, and asked who she was. The projection responded by saying that was science, magic, information, and a friend. Sam asked what the place they were in was, and the projection responded by saying that they were in the Fortress of Sanctuary, a piece of her world, the dead planet Krypton. Familiar with the tale of the mentioned and destroyed alien home-world, from what was commonly known concerning both Superman and Supergirl’s alien origins, Sam was shocked to discover that she indeed had powers, and realized that if she was Kryptonian, she was like Supergirl. The hologram corrected her and said that she was more than that. Samantha pressed her about this, and the hologram stated that she was a "Worldkiller", a genetically-engineered being designed to "execute justice". Sam thought this meant that she was destined to become a hero like Supergirl, but the hologram stated that mankind would not see her as a hero. Instead, they would try to contain her power to no avail. She would dispense justice without mercy, and cause Earth to burn.

Samantha Arias' eyes glowing

Samantha's eyes glow as she receives the memories of "Reign".

Sam rejected this instantly, saying she was a good person with a life and a daughter. The hologram coldly stated that Ruby was an error who delayed the full manifestation of her powers. Sam was angered by this and snapped that Ruby was not an error. The hologram assured her that she would eventually forget about Ruby and all of her other mortal trappings. Sam rejected this, saying she would never become that person. The hologram told her that it was time for her to fulfill her true purpose as Reign. Sam screamed and doubled over in agony; as it turned out, her powers were manifesting in full. She suddenly stopped, opened her eyes and raised her head in a calm, almost peaceful manner as she stood up. When she looked forth her eyes they turned a bright red, she fully became the world killer Reign and she eerily stated, "I have awoken" in ancient Kryptonian.

The Rise of Reign

Sam had awakened from a nightmare in her bed when Ruby entered. Ruby asked about her trip, but Sam had no memories of it. Sam and Ruby were invited to Kara's Christmas party, in which Sam was late with the cupcakes. She had a brief interaction with Alex before she got some wine and started to talk with Kara and Lena. She and Kara then started teasing Lena about how she liked James Olsen and he liked her back, although Lena denied the claims. Kara then told them about how she was happy to have them as her best friends, to which Lena and Sam return the sentiment. That night, Reign took over and killed a gang that had been selling drugs down by the waterfront.

The next day, Sam was working while she watched the news and heard a mention of a gang that had been selling drugs and killing by the docks. She was angered by this and when Ruby came in and the two argued about how Sam wasn't going home with Ruby on Christmas Eve. Sam calmed her down by remembering a previous Christmas that they had spent on the road together, and reminded her that if they have each other, everything would be okay. She then gave Ruby her present, which was a necklace with the Supergirl symbol; somehow knowing that the symbol stands for “stronger together”, Sam tells Ruby that was how they are together as mother and daughter — stronger. Reign took control over Sam soon after and killed gang members that were mentioned.

Sam heard about an assassination attempt on Lena, and asked her about it. Lena stated that she knew it was Morgan Edge but had no proof of it. Sam looked at the picture of Edge and coldly stated that he should be dead for what he tried to do. Reign then took over and exited, ripping open her buttoned shirt to reveal the Worldkiller’s suit with its crest upon her chest, and later attacked Edge's Christmas Party that night, inciting havoc in his office; however, Edge escaped by hiding in a panic room lined with lead. Unable to spot him through the material, Reign wordlessly left and the next day, Edge all but blamed the chaos on Supergirl.

Taking on the Girl of Steel

After hearing about the murders and attack on Morgan Edge, Supergirl, intending to draw this new and mysterious Kryptonian out, left her symbol on the roof of CatCo, in which Reign arrived and waited for her. Not recognizing each other through their mutual connection (with Sam’s mind overtaken by Reign, voice distorted and wearing an obscuring mask to cover her physical identity, and Kara assuming her superheroine persona) with Lena Luthor, the two conversed in which Reign introduces herself and tells Supergirl of her own dark origins and the purpose she is now enacting — that she was dispensing justice on Earth, starting from that very city. Supergirl, however, disapproves of how she is doing it and then announces that she was not going to allow her to keep killing. She extends to Reign the option of surrendering, there and then, or else she would be forced to assert her will and render the latter into a state where there would be no other choice for her but that.

Briefly amused, Reign remarked Supergirl’s hubris and then derided Kara’s borderline hypocritical fore-bearers — who could have done better on Krypton long before the planet’s destruction, but did not until that very last moment of its destruction. She then reciprocates the offer she just received, threatening to send the other Kryptonian to the same extinction where the said fore-bearers now are if she does not stand down. Supergirl brusquely refuses this, causing the Worldkiller to momentarily show some regret for what she was about to do, coldly stating that she would dispense her justice on the former then. Supergirl, in turn, dares Reign to drive her point home, leading to Reign striking first by tackling the heroine and then flying her into the sky, culminating with the pair engaging into a brutal fight that rages throughout the city.

As the fight goes on they initially seem to be of equal strength, but Reign eventually proved to be much stronger than Supergirl, and made her bleed. She even wounded and injured her so much that Supergirl became powerless against her in humiliating defeat. Though Supergirl — felled and on her knees — precariously claimed that she doesn’t fear Reign, the latter knows better and points out that neither of them were gods and devils, but simply rather that one was to be judged by hand of the other. Emerging victorious, Reign stated she will continue her way of justice, as she picked up her defeated adversary by the front of Supergirl’s suit, before dropping Supergirl from the edge of the building they were at and onto the concrete below. Pleased with her victory, she then flew off and presumably returned back to Sam's home.

That morning, which was Christmas day, Ruby came downstairs calling for her mother and happily announced that it was Christmas. Sam, who was dressed all in black, whirled around.[7]


"It's you. You are my heart."
—Samantha to Ruby[src]
Samantha Arias

Samantha in her civilian persona.

Although Sam is a single mother, she does her very best to support her daughter, Ruby, who is the most important person to her in the world.[5] She is very nice and caring, and has a motherly air to her. She is also a very strong woman, loyal to those closest to her (i.e. Lena Luthor) besides her own daughter, quite sociable and can hold her own in mental battles against businessmen such as, Morgan Edge. She has a high intellect, and has enough business knowledge to run L-Corp flawlessly.

"You're no god just as I'm no devil. All I am is truth. And judgment. And death. And I will reign."
—Reign to Supergirl[src]

Samantha as Reign.

Due to her forced mental programming operating on her as Reign, Sam becomes an exaggerated polar opposite of everything she is, while her Worldkiller persona remains inactive in her default state, for the periods and durations wherein Reign remains in control: a brutal vigilante who indiscriminately kills anyone she sees as an evildoer in order to further her goal of ruling the world, and will react expediently cold and silently murderous whenever she comes across the said people or catch knowledge of such. She is cruel, sadistic and ruthless towards anyone who stands in her way. She is also egotistical; even though she doesn't actually see herself as a "god" or a "devil", she sees herself as "truth", "judgment", "death" and an executor of justice. Thus, her eventual dominion is inevitable and this causes her to also view those who say or stand otherwise as obstructing targets to her goal.

She believes all of her actions are intended to spread justice to all those who deserve it. She also perceives that humanity has ruined their world and they must all be judged by her. Despite her ruthlessness, she is not above offering prey whom she sees as her equal a chance to stand down, like how she offered Supergirl to do so (threatening to subject the latter "into purgatory" if she chooses to stand in Reign’s way) and was perhaps a hint disappointed when the latter refuses and even responded defiantly, making the disguised (and mentally-overridden) Samantha realize that she had to manhandle her fellow Kryptonian for her insolence.

As Reign, Sam speaks in a disguised tone that ends her sentences in a reverberating manner.

Powers and abilities


  • Altered Kryptonian physiology: While normally her capacities are no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning, once empowered, she is becomes able to perform a variety of otherworldly feats. Even more, Samantha's Kryptonian physiology has been genetically augmented from centuries of experimentation by Kryptonian scientists. It is said that she was born from Rao's fire. According to a Kryptonian hologram, Sam as Reign has powers that are more advanced and potent than Supergirl, seemingly proven by her decisive victory over the National City protector. This presumably means she is also more powerful than Superman, making her one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse and possibly the most powerful being on Earth Thirty-Eight.
    • Solar energy absorption: Sam's powers are dependent on the energy spectrum from a blue or yellow sun, absorbing and metabolizing it into her system. While essentially acting as a battery to keep her empowered, her constant exposure to Earth's atmosphere, filled with such solar radiation, allows her to continuously and passively absorb such energy while exposed to it, keeping her reserves fully charged near-constantly. Direct exposure to sunlight will also accelerate her recovery from any injuries she does manage to sustain.
      • Accelerated healing factor: Sam's metabolism is tremendously enhanced by solar energy, allowing accelerated healing abilities and burning calories at a fast rate, making her practically immune to becoming overweight.
        • Contaminant immunity: Sam has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants.
        • Longevity: As a Kryptonian, Sam's lifespan is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower.
      • Flight: Sam is able to manipulate her own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel herself through the air, often at supersonic speeds, much faster than she can travel by foot.
      • Heat vision: By concentrating every solar energy reserve she has in her body, Sam can emit focused energy beams of variable intensity and temperature from her eyes. Unlike other known Kryptonians, Sam’s are bright and searing red.
      • Invulnerability: Sam is essentially invulnerable to all Earthly weapons, with bullets simply ricocheting off her flesh. Her invulnerability is so intense that even when just beginning to manifest her powers, Sam remained oblivious to being shot at Lena's press conference attack, only noticing the lack of injury a while later. While fighting Supergirl, as a fully transformed Reign, though she was repeatedly staggered from all of the former’s powerful attacks, she was quick to recover and retaliate — emerging with no signs of even being hurt or tired at the end.
        • Self-sustenance: Due to the effects of a blue or yellow sun, Sam's physical needs are greatly reduced or completely removed.
        • Atmospheric adaption: While Sam does require oxygen, her physicality allows her to survive while inhaling more harsh forms of it.
      • X-ray vision: Sam has the ability to see through objects, except for lead.
      • Super breath: Sam is able to exhale powerful gusts of air from her mouth which are similar to force winds. She can also cause the temperature of her breath to drop, therefore able to freeze nearly anything.
      • Super hearing: Sam has super-sensitive ears that can perfectly pick up sounds from miles away and even through structures.
      • Super speed: Sam possesses the ability to move at super-sonic speeds, both through flight and on foot. Her speed seems greater than Supergirl’s, who despite being fast enough to intercept bullets, failed to evade the vast majority of Sam’s assaults and even outmaneuver the latter for the most part.
      • Super strength: On the day of the revelation of the Girl of Steel statue, after a mysterious attack by Bloodsport, in a moment of desperation to save her daughter, Ruby's life, Sam raised an iron bar with little effort. After her awakening, Sam’s full strength was proven to be considerably greater than Supergirl’s. While able to block some of Sam’s blows, the repeated blows that landed soon left Supergirl bleeding heavily and bruised all over, barely able to stand before finally falling into a coma and critical condition. It is unknown if Sam is stronger than Superman.


  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen: Sam is very intelligent, as she has enough business experience and knowledge to the point where Lena Luthor chose her as the acting CEO of L-Corp.[5]
  • Intimidation: Sam as Reign is able to strike fear into the hearts of many humans like Morgan Edge and Thomas Coville, even the highly skilled and courageous top D.E.O. agent, Alex Danvers admitted she was terrified of her despite knowing practically little of the Worldkiller. Highlighting it all was Supergirl herself, who showed some hints of fear after getting into an epic strife with Reign through National City, ultimately being put under the latter’s mercy.
  • Multilingual: Sam is capable of fluently speaking English and after her awakening, Kryptonese as well.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Though not particularly acrobatic beyond her capacity of self-propelled flight, as Reign, Sam is a very capable unarmed combatant. Able to effectively combine her raw might into her battle tactics, she is shown able to land efficient and devastating blows. Ultimately, she was able to fight on par with Supergirl, who received considerable combat training, able to block and counter many of her fellow Kryptonian’s blows while gradually wearing down Supergirl with her vicious strikes until Supergirl was too winded and battered to fight back.


  • Dual personality: Samantha’s full powers are not truly available to her own discretion. Apart from her invulnerability, only in moments of extreme stress can she access some of her other powers, and not at full capacity. Once her programming was awakened, as Reign, she has full access to her powers, but becomes completely unaware of it. Her separate persona as the world killer is completely void of all her past memories as Samantha and upon reverting to her normal-self, remains completely oblivious to all actions as Reign, apart from some vague memories emerging in dreams. The shift in personality seems to subtly occur, if not fully activate, whenever angered by wrongdoings going on, indicated by a dark expression rising from Sam’s face. And it would seem that both Reign and Sam are not entirely two separate entities forced into the same body, since the former presumably proceeded to enact the initiating “Mark of the Beast” step of the Kryptonian End of Days using Samantha’s in-depth knowledge of L-Corp and thus left her mark, the Juru “Low Speech” sigil, on several of the company’s property — which made Lena Luthor believe that, once again, Morgan Edge was behind it as only he would hold a grudge that personal enough to deface Lena that intensely without leaving a trace that would implicate him having a hand in it — and was quite comfortable sporting her emblazoned outfit beneath Sam’s normal work clothes. Additionally, in spite of her tonal voice being distorted to prevent recognition, Reign’s speech mannerisms seem to exhibit aspects of Earth’s lingo (i.e. her use of “gonna” instead of “going to”) due to having spent time alongside humans as Sam.
  • Lead: Even with her X-ray vision, Sam cannot see through lead.
  • Solar energy depletion: Using her powers to its maximum for an extended period can significantly drain her solar energy to the point where Sam loses all of her powers and is rendered more human-like for at least a day. This renders her as weak as a human, allowing Sam to get injured and killed as easy as killing a human.
  • Stunted power development: Due to becoming pregnant with a child before she fully developed through puberty, Sam's natural physiological development was stunted and her powers were not awoken until later than normally expected.[2]


  • Reign suit: Sam wears a protective suit as her super-villainess alter-ego, Reign, to hide her identity from her victims.



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