Sam Armand is the corrupt district attorney of Star City.


At some point between May and October in 2017, Sam was appointed the district attorney of Star City. In this position, Sam represented the city in a case against Oliver Queen. However, following Oliver's arraignment, judge McGarvey allowed Oliver free on a $5 million bail and $500,000 bond.[1]

Sam approached police captain Kimberly Hill, a fellow member of Ricardo Diaz's payroll, claiming he finally had enough evidence to run Oliver into the ground and end his term, asking for the full backing of the police force.[2]

It is later revealed that the evidence is actually Roy Harper, who was found and captured by corrupt Star City Police Department officers under Diaz's payroll, with trying unsuccessfully to get him to testify against Oliver in court (regarding his identity as Green arrow), however, Roy is eventually rescued by Team Arrow; so it is likely that Sam no longer has a case against Oliver.



Season 6


  • Much like his predecessor, he is a corrupt district attorney who is trying to take down Oliver Queen.
    • However, unlike his predecessor, he is a pawn for someone else, as opposed to being the main player. Furthermore, he is also not a psychopath that is consumed with utterly destroying Oliver.


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