"You have no idea of the power that you're up against."
—Ruvé to Lonnie Machin[src]

Ruvé Adams[1] (died May 2016), also called Ruvé Darhk, was the mayor of Star City.[2] She was the wife of Damien Darhk and the mother of Nora Darhk. She was killed by Lonnie Machin.


Life before Star City

At some point, Ruvé met Damien Darhk, who promised her "a new beginning". They married, and on December 2, 2003, she gave birth to their only child, Nora.[3][4]

Ruvé was privy to H.I.V.E.'s Genesis project, which planned to repopulate the Earth with their followers after destroying the rest of humanity. As part of this plan, H.I.V.E. needed to control Star City, where one of the nexus points connected to magic was located.


As a result, Ruvé moved to Stonehaven, a house in Star City, with Damien and Nora by fall 2015.[5][3] Despite the nature of their project, they seemed happy as a family, for example decorating the Christmas tree together that year.[6]

In January 2016, Damien's former ally Lonnie Machin took Ruvé and her daughter hostage to try to get to Damien, who he saw as having betrayed him. He tied them up and was about to burn them, when the Green Arrow's team came and rescued them. While in police custody, Ruvé presented fake identification for Nora and herself. They moved out of Stonehaven straight after this, staying at the Fairmount hotel for a month while they found a new place to live. In a private conversation on the way to the Fairmount, Ruvé criticised Damien for leaving the Green Arrow alive, and they discussed the progress of the Genesis project.[3]

Standing for Mayor

As phase five of Genesis required H.I.V.E. to have political control of Star City, Ruvé was chosen to run against Oliver Queen in the 2016 mayoral election, despite not having a background in politics. She announced her campaign in early February, using the slogan "a better alternative". On hearing she was running, Oliver went to her campaign office in Pennytown as the Green Arrow, and demanded that she set up a meeting for him with Damien.[1]

Oliver was not able to make the meeting, but instead used the opportunity of meeting her again before the mayoral debate in mid-February to trail her, hoping she would lead them to Damien. Instead, Ruvé managed to ambush Oliver, warned him not to follow her, and sent about half a dozen Ghosts to attack him before easily escaping, leading Team Arrow to give up on this approach. Meanwhile, concerned that Ruvé might not win the election, H.I.V.E. hired the Demolition Team to destroy the mayoral debate venue while the debate was happening, with the intention to leave only Ruvé alive, to make her a sympathetic figure to the voters. Team Arrow discovered this, and evacuated the building, so Ruvé ordered the Demolition Team to change their mission to kill Oliver instead. Team Arrow managed to take out the Demolition Team and disarm the explosives, and the debate went ahead with Oliver being declared the clear winner by most pundits.[7]

In late February, Oliver Queen withdrew as a candidate for the mayoral election, and endorsed Ruvé, as Damien threatened the life of his son William, who Malcolm Merlyn had kidnapped on Damien's orders.[8] Damien was arrested after this, and imprisoned, but H.I.V.E. continued their plans for Genesis without him.[9] By late March she was looking for a new chief of staff in preparation for becoming mayor after the election, and despite Thea Queen trying to discourage him, Alex Davis (Oliver's former campaign manager) got the job.[10][2] As the only candidate, Ruvé was elected mayor of Star City on April 6, despite 40% of the voters writing in Oliver Queen on their ballots. She made District Attorney Remz the deputy mayor, and offered Laurel Lance the chance to take over as District Attorney, but Laurel was killed by Damien (who then escaped jail) before having a chance to respond.[2]


As mayor, Ruvé moved forward with H.I.V.E.'s plans for Genesis; in late April, as a cover for part of this, she claimed that the city was undertaking a massive upgrade of the sewer system. While looking for his brother Andy, John Diggle attacked the mayor's limousine, killing the driver and bodyguard, and demanding to know where he was, nearly killing Ruvé before Oliver arrived and stopped him. This led Ruvé to bring back the SCPD's Anti-Vigilante Taskforce, and make an announcement that she had asked District Attorney Wallace to issue arrest warrants for the vigilantes, starting with the "Black Canary" (actually Evelyn Sharp), ironically choosing to dedicate this to Laurel Lance, who she knew had secretly been the real Black Canary. Evelyn responded by attacking Ruvé at a Gala held at Star City Plaza Hotel, who insisted on staying despite her security detail advising her to leave; Oliver arrived as the Green Arrow, and convinced Evelyn not to kill her.[11]

A few months later, while her husband was operating Genesis, Ruvé ordered Malcolm Merlyn to take care of Lonnie Machin, and then tried to take care of it herself. Machin took her and her daughter hostage and threatened to kill her if Darhk did not show up. She tried to reason with Machin but he let her know he was not rational. Team Arrow showed up and tried to save her but were unable to. She died after being stabbed in the stomach with an arrow by Lonnie Machin and being crushed by the falling ceiling of the safe haven that had been built. Her last act was to beg Oliver to save her daughter, who had also been captured by Machin.


Sometime after her death, Oliver Queen succeeded Ruvé as mayor of Star City. It is currently unknown if Ruvé's involvement with H.I.V.E. and marriage to Damien Darhk was exposed after her demise; although it is very unlikely.

Ruvé finally got justice for her death, as Oliver took down Lonnie Machin six months later, after the latter tried to use a bomb to destroy half of Star City, as Lonnie had been arrested and sent to prison for his crimes.


Much like her husband, Damien Darhk, Ruvé was cold, cruel and ruthless, for example, she ordered the Demolition Team to destroy the debate building to wipe out everyone except herself, to make herself look like a sympathetic survivor, although she was grateful towards Green Arrow for saving her and her daughter from Lonnie Machin, she criticized her husband for sparing the former's life, instead of killing the vigilante archer, when he had the chance.

Despite these negative traits of hers, Ruvé was a loving wife and mother, who cared about her husband Damien and her daughter Nora.

Ruvé was very calm, level-headed and patient, rarely losing her composure, and showing little fear even when threatened with death, for example staring down both John Diggle and Evelyn Sharp pointing guns to her head, and even ignoring her security detail to stay to encounter the latter. She is intelligent and confident, enough to run for mayor of Star City against Oliver, and win. Despite this, she made the mistake of underestimating Lonnie Machin, believing him not more than just a juvenile criminal. This mistake resulted in her getting captured and killed.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Great business acumen: Ruvé was very intelligent, she had enough confidence to run for mayor of Star City against Oliver Queen. She was a capable tactician, Ruvé ordered the Demolition Team to destroy the debate building to wipe out everyone except herself, to make herself look like a sympathetic survivor.



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