"You have no idea of the power that you're up against."
—Ruvé to Lonnie Machin[src]

Ruvé Adams[1] (died May 2016), also known as Ruvé Darhk, was the mayor of Star City.[2] She was the wife of Damien Darhk and the mother of Nora Darhk. She was killed by Lonnie Machin.


Damien returned home to his daughter and wife decorating the Christmas tree. He helped them to put the star on the top as they all embraced.[3]

After Lonnie Machin raided her house she tried fighting back. She tried slapping Lonnie but he dodged it. Then he slapped her on the cheek. She fell flat on the ground. Lonnie stepped on her stomach, then took his foot off and stepped on her cheek. Then Rúve was knocked out. He tied them up and was about to burn them, the Green Arrow's team came and rescued them. While in police custody, Ruvé presented fake identification for her daughter and herself. That night, in a private conversation, Ruvé and Damien discussed their plans for the end of the world.[4]

It is later revealed that Ruvé is running in the Star City mayoral election as a rival candidate to Oliver Queen, causing Oliver to go interrogate her as Green Arrow to arrange a meeting with Damien.[1]

After ordering Malcolm Merlyn to take care of Lonnie Machin she tried to take care of it herself. Machin took her and her daughter hostage and threatened to kill her if Darhk did not show up. She tried to reason with Machin but he let her know he was not rational. Team Arrow showed up and tried to save her but were unable to. She died after being stabbed in the stomach with an arrow by Lonnie Machin and being crushed by the falling ceiling of the safe haven that had been built. Her last act was to beg Oliver to save her daughter, who had also been captured by Machin.

She managed to get elected as mayor of Star City after her husband blackmailed Oliver Queen to be removed as mayoral candidate by threatening the life of his son, William. A few months later, while her husband is operating Genesis, she and her daughter once again being captured by Machin, and Machin stabbed her with one of the arrows from Speedy, and later died after the rubble crumbles atop of her.


Sometime after her death, Oliver Queen succeeded Ruvé as mayor of Star City. It is currently unknown if Ruvé's involvement with H.I.V.E. and marriage to Damien Darhk was exposed after her demise; although it is very likely.

Ruvé finally got justice for her death, as Oliver took down Lonnie Machin six months later, after the latter tried to use a bomb to destroy half of Star City, as Lonnie had been arrested and sent to prison for his crimes.


Much like her husband, Damien Darhk, Ruvé was cold, cruel and ruthless, for example, she ordered the Demolition Team to destroy the debate building to wipe out everyone except herself, to make herself look like a sympathetic survivor, although she was grateful towards Green Arrow for saving her and her daughter from Lonnie Machin, she criticized her husband for sparing the former's life, instead of killing the vigilante archer, when he had the chance.

Despite these negative traits of hers, Ruvé was a loving wife and mother, who cared about her husband Damien and her daughter Nora.

Ruvé was very calm, level-headed and patient, rarely losing her composure, she is intelligent and confident, enough to run for mayor of Star City against Oliver. Despite this, she made the mistake of underestimating Lonnie Machin, believing him not more than just a juvenile criminal. This mistake resulted in her getting captured and killed.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Great business acumen: Ruvé was very intelligent, she had enough confidence to run for mayor of Star City against Oliver Queen. She was a capable tactician, Ruvé ordered the Demolition Team to destroy the debate building to wipe out everyone except herself, to make herself look like a sympathetic survivor.



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