The Rupture suit is the protective Dante Ramon from Earth Two used as the villain Rupture.


Dante Ramon presumably created the suit around the same time he and his brother Cisco gained super powers sometime after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, unlike his brother's suit, which was all black, Dante's suit was red with patches of grey.

He wore the suit throughout his whole career as Rupture,
Zoom thrusting his claw into Rupture

Zoom jams his clawed-hand through Rupture's suit, into his heart.

this ended when he was sent to Earth One to kill his brother's Earth One counterpart when Zoom tricked him into thinking that he murdered his brother, when it was actually Zoom himself.

After Dante was murdered by Zoom it is unknown what came of the suit.


This suit was presumably made by Dante himself who wore it, and it served as protection when in battle. However, Zoom was able to ram his hand so fast into Dante, that it broke through the suit, killing him.


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