Ruby Arias is the human-Kryptonian hybrid daughter of Samantha Arias and an unnamed man, though is currently unaware of her true nature. She is a student of Davis Middle School.


Early life

In her teens, Ruby's Kryptonian mother Samantha became pregnant with her to a human father. She was kicked out of the house by her adoptive mother, Patricia Arias as a result. According to a Kryptonian hologram, carrying Ruby also delayed her mother's development into the world killer, "Reign".

Ruby moved with her mother to Central City when she received a new job. Due to them moving, they spent Christmas at a truck stop and spent the night in a motel that smelled like moth balls. However, despite the negative side of the trip, Ruby affectionately called it her best Christmas since she got to spend it with her mom.[1]

The unveiling and her mother's powers

Ruby cries as she hugs her mother

Ruby saved by her mother.

Ruby and her mother went to the Supergirl statue unveiling, where Ruby ran into Alex Danvers. Samantha, Ruby's mother, asked her to apologize and she did. Alex accepted and Ruby ran off, excited to see the statue. However, there was an attack at the unveiling, and a metal bar fell on top of Ruby. Ruby screamed for help, and Samantha, frantic and desperate to save her daughter, was able to lift the bar off, putting it down to a rush of adrenaline.[2]

Sometime following, her mother cooked the two of them breakfast, before driving Ruby to school. Partway through the day, Ruby claimed to another student that her mother had superpowers, but being called a liar, she punched the girl in the face, causing her mother to be called to the school. Back at home, Samantha questioned Ruby as to why she'd done what she did, and Ruby began to grow frustrated, as her mother wouldn't admit to having powers.

Ruby eating at a café

Ruby at the café

Annoyed, she went to a café and ordered a slice of pizza and a drink. While there, Psi launched an attack outside, which caused Ruby to text her mother back with her address and an SOS message. She then walked straight into the street, where the majority of the fight was. Her mother arrived and hugged Ruby, but a wrecking ball almost crushed them. Before they could be crushed, Supergirl intervened and caught the wrecking ball and moved it aside.

Following the ordeal, the pair recovered in the back of an ambulance, and the two talked about what had just happened. Alex Danvers recognized Ruby, and the two talked about Ruby's name, and the fact that a ruby is the strongest gemstone - only second to a diamond. Alex told her that Ruby's can bounce back from anything, and that cheered her up. After Alex left, Ruby admitted to Sam that she wanted her mother to be a superhero in order to only have to save people and spend time with her, rather than working. Samantha promised that she'd always make time for Ruby.[3]

Ruby had a soccer game later that week which her mother attended and cheered her on from the sidelines. Ruby scored a goal and excitedly asked her mom if she had seen it, and Samantha, who was on the phone at the time, lied and told her that she did and proudly told her she did a great job. Ruby was mentioned by a woman who wanted to recruit both Ruby and Samantha to a cult group and believed them both to be "special". That night, when Samantha was asked if Ruby's father was still in the picture, Sam told Alex no, and that it was just the two of them.

The next day at L-Corp, Ruby was doing her homework on the floor of her mother's office. She told her mom that she finished her homework, and asked her mom if they could work on her song. Samantha asked about Ruby's French project and was surprised to learn that her daughter had finished it. She apologized for being so busy but she promised to work on it later. This upset Ruby, and when a man entered the room and informed Samantha of a problem with the merger, Samantha had to handle it. Ruby watched her mother leave, disappointed and upset.

Later that night, Samantha returned to her office to find Ruby asleep on the couch and placed a jacket over her daughter. Lena and Sam talked about Ruby, and Lena called Ruby a badass because she's loved and knows it. At Ruby's play, Ruby sang a solo song while her mother and Lena proudly watched.

She entered the bathroom that night after she heard her mother shouting in the bathroom. She found her mom curled up on the bathroom floor in fear, and asked if she was okay.[4]

The next day, Ruby's mom dropped her off school the next day. Ruby asked her mother what happened the night before when Sam was in the bathroom. Sam stated that it was just a bad dream, but Ruby, confused, retorted that she was awake. Sam then told her that it was a migraine and that it was time to get out of the car. They exchanged, "I love you" before Ruby climbed out. Ruby was greeted by a boy, Luke, who asked her if she finished her math homework last night. Ruby nodded, and he nervously stated that he couldn't get through it. Ruby offered to help him since there was time before the bell rang, and he gratefully agreed. Seconds later, she stopped moving and collapsed on the ground shaking. Ruby shouted for her mother to help, and Samantha quickly ran over to help while calling 911. Ruby repeated to Luke that he would be okay, scared for her friend.

When Samantha and Lena were talking in the kitchen, Ruby was seen bringing pillows and blankets downstairs. She then stayed at a friends house that night. Later on, Ruby asked her mom if Luke was going to be okay, and Sam assured her that Luke was going to be fine. Ruby told her mom that she liked her friends, and Sam told her that she liked them too - but liked her more. Ruby pointed out a hole in her mother's shirt, which Sam found weird. They then said goodnight to each other.[5]

Sam prepared dinner for Ruby, who asked her mother if she was okay, as she was acting strangely. Sam assured her that she was fine, and told her to set the table since dinner would be ready soon. Ruby did as her mother asked, and then asked her if she could watch a movie after dinner if she finished all of her homework. Sam, who was surprised by her newfound ability to withstand temperature changes, told Ruby that she had to go back to work and that she would have dinner at Tess' that night. Ruby was upset by this, and Sam snapped at her and told her that it wasn't up for debate.

Later, Sam packed her bags and planned to go on a trip to find more out about who she was. She said goodbye to Ruby, and left her a check for takeout. Ruby was concerned about her mother and asked if everything was okay, and why she couldn't go with her. Sam stated that she had to do this on her own, and asked to hold her daughter's hand. She asked if she could feel it, and Ruby stated that she could feel her mothers pulse. Sam told Ruby that it was her - that Ruby is her heart, and everything she was doing was for her. She then promised her that she would explain everything later.[6]

Ruby was awakened the next morning by her mother who was suffering from nightmares. Ruby went into her mother's room to check on her and asked about why she didn't wake her up when she returned from her trip. Samantha had no memories of the trip, and was unsure what her daughter was talking about. Sam was surprised when to see she had slept in, but the two ran to the kitchen excited to make banana and blueberry pancakes.

The two then attended Kara Danvers's Christmas party later that night, and she bonded with Alex Danvers after Alex revealed to her the she knew Supergirl. Ruby asked her questions while they sat on the couch, and the two seemed to get along very well.

The next day, Christmas Eve, she entered her mothers office and asked her if it was time to go as she was hungry and had eaten all the chips at L-Corp. Ruby confronted her mother about leaving, but her mother told her that she had to stay and that she had called someone come to pick Ruby up. Ruby became angry at this and she snapped at her mother and started to leave. However, Sam called her back into the office and apologized for the late night. She then reminded Ruby of a previous Christmas, before she gave Ruby her present early, which was a necklace of the Supergirl symbol.

On Christmas Day, Ruby rushed down excited that it was Christmas morning and called for her mother. She found her mom looking out of the window, and as she called after her mother, Samantha turned around quickly.[7] Several days later, Ruby is seemingly hiding from her mother until they start attacking each other with nerf guns, which results in Samantha accidentally breaks a picture. As Samantha cleans it up, Ruby leaves for school.

Bonding with Alex Danvers

Ruby, Samantha and Kara visited Alex who is in a cast after her encounter with Reign, there Samantha discovered that Ruby's child-minder couldn't make it, but Alex volunteered to look after Ruby due to her unable to go to work. Ruby and Alex bonded over the day, when Alex received a text from Maggie, her ex-fiance, Alex is greatly affected by this in which Ruby helps her out and reveals that she is being cyber-bullied by a girl from school. Not allowing this, Alex and Ruby left for the girl's house and pretended to be a F.B.I. Agent and tricked the girl into believing that would be sent to juvi, the girl immediately apologized and promised she wouldn't do it again. Ruby and Alex returned to Alex's Apartment in which the two got Maggie's passport and placed it in a letter to be sent to Maggie. Alex thanked Ruby for being there for her stating that she didn't know how she would have been able to get through it without her. Samantha returned and thanked Alex for looking after Ruby, in which Alex joked about how Ruby was a nightmare which Samantha agrees. Samantha asks Ruby to wait for her by the elevator and Ruby said goodbye to Alex.


Ruby is an intelligent young girl who is able to figure situations out, such as the fact that she knew her mother had superpowers before Samantha did. She is also a kind-hearted girl who has an optimistic view on things, and is able to make the best out of otherwise negative situations. This can be seen when she didn't get upset after her and her mother were attacked by the villain Psi, and when she enjoyed a Christmas spent on the road. However, Ruby can sometimes be emotional and selfish, like when she was angered by her mother claiming that she didn't have superpowers, and put herself in direct harm to prove herself right. She also snapped at her mother because she slept in late and wasn't going to spend Christmas Eve night with her, as she had to work.

Powers and abilities


  • Human-Altered Kryptonian hybrid physiology: Ruby's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy of a blue or yellow sun and metabolized into her body, she becomes able to perform various inhuman feats. Presumably, Ruby will not develop any Kryptonian powers until she comes of age.
    • Kryptonite immunity: Presumably, due to her human heritage, Ruby is immune to the radiation effects of Kryptonite; such as Green Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite and Silver Kryptonite.


  • Singing: Ruby is a competent singer, and was able to sing a solo in front of a large group of people during a school play.[4]
  • Soccer: Ruby is a good soccer player, and is a forward on her school's team.[4]


  • It is unknown who Ruby's father is.
  • Ruby is the first Human-Kryptonian hybrid to appear in the Arrowverse.
  • Samanta's biggest fear is losing Ruby.




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