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The Royal Flush Gang are a family of bank robbers. They are known to have operated in Keystone City and Star City.

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According to Diggle, the Royal Flush Gang began their crime spree on the east coast and began moving west. Most likely this was so they wouldn't be easy to track and catch.

The Royal Flush Gang were actually a group of families that were taken advantage of by Robert Queen, who laid off 1,500 employees and thanks to a loophole in their Union contracts, didn't pay severance packages to their employees, resulting in most losing their homes, shortly before the Queen's Gambit sank.

To finance themselves and to ensure their family's financial security, they resorted to a three-year crime spree. They did, however, try to avoid hurting people whenever necessary. Whether this was out of a moral code of not wanting to harm innocent people, or common sense of not wanting to bring more heat on themselves is unknown.



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  • In DC comics, the Royal Flush Gang were criminals for hire, sometimes with an android Ace for muscle, who opposed the Justice League, and its individual members, on several occasions. In its later incarnation, it became another 'criminal octopus' similar to Intergang.

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