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Roy Harper
Civilian - Arsenal

Roy Harper

Occupation Assistant manager of Verdant
Busboy at Verdant (formerly)
Member of Oliver Queen's team (in secret)
Vigilante (in secret)
Status Alive
Family Roy Harper, Sr. (father; deceased)
Mrs. Harper (mother)
Actor Colton Haynes
Alter ego Arsenal
"Last year you saved my life, and I don't mean from the guy who kidnapped me, I mean you saved me, you gave me purpose."
—Roy Harper to Oliver Queen[src]

Roy William Harper, Jr. (born 1991)[1], referred to as simply Roy Harper, is a street-savvy young man from the Glades. He is the son of the late Roy Harper, Sr. and Mrs. Harper, the boyfriend of Thea Queen, a good friend of Sin, a good friend and the current protégé of Oliver Queen, and the former protégé and friend of the late Sara Lance.

Roy was injected with the Mirakuru, becoming a human weapon gaining a variety of powers including super-strength, endurance and rapid cell regeneration. He was later cured by a counter-serum developed by S.T.A.R. Labs.

He is currently Oliver's sidekick and vigilante partner with the codename Arsenal. He has been referred to by the media as the Red Arrow.


Discovering and many attempts of contacting The Hood

Roy first encountered Thea Queen when he stole her purse in 2013. He was later caught by the cops after being chased, and was taken in for questioning by Detective Quentin Lance. When asked, he admitted to stealing, because his mother was addicted to Vertigo and they desperately needed the money. Thea, moved by Roy's story, decided not to press charges, feeling compassion for his situation. She later visited him to get her purse, and the two had a brief chat.[2]

Some time later, Thea again met with Roy outside of a coffee shop in the Glades, She promised him a job at her brother's club, Verdant, provided he showed up for the job. In spite of Thea's kindness, Roy decided not to show up, prompting Thea to go and question him. He admitted that he didn't want any charity from a rich girl, a comment which annoyed Thea greatly. As she walked off, two men approached her, but before she could be mugged, Roy stepped in and beat the men, receiving a stab wound from one of them. Thea took Roy to the hospital, where he got stitched up and had to receive an injection, which made him nervous. Thea kissed him to distract him from the injection.[3]

At some point, Thea and Roy began an intimate relationship. 

Thea visited Roy at his place in the Glades, which consisted of intimacy. A man visited partway through and gave Roy a gun, much to the shock of Thea, causing her to storm out, despite him trying to justify himself. She later came back to apologize, but Roy was kidnapped by Joseph Falk. He was taken below Starling City, onto a train running on the abandoned subway. While Joseph broadcast him on Glades Betrayed, Oliver, as The Hood, intervened before he could be killed. The Hood distracted Joseph as Roy untied himself, which was just in time considering a bullet was sent at him mere seconds before he'd ducked. Joseph was shot with an arrow through the stomach. Roy later reunited with Thea at her brother's club, where he reached into his pocket and pulled out an arrowhead.[4]

Roy stole a police radio, and waited until the dispatch mentioned the vigilante. But when he arrived at The Hood's supposed location, he instead found squad cars waiting for him. After, Thea bailed him out, Quentin showed him one of the corpses of The Hood's victims, and attempted to convince Roy that he was just a cold blooded killer. Roy later confessed to Thea that he wanted to find The Hood, because he felt he owed him.[5]

Roy and Thea staked out Unidac Industries, where the Dark Archer had massacred the entire staff. Their search soon led them to Merlyn Global Group, where they ran into Thea's brother, Oliver. When told of their search for The Hood, Oliver firmly warned Roy to abandon his search. Later returning to his home, Roy rationalized that his Vertigo contacts may help them. Thea then had second thoughts on the search. Roy stated that he wanted to find The Hood so he could train him, so he could stop other family tragedies from happening. That was the last straw for Thea, who threatened to break up with him if he didn't give his search. Thus, Roy chose to end things between them.[6]

During the evacuation caused by the Glades Earthquake, Thea saved him from being shot. Soon after, a man stopped their car to ask them to help get people outside of a bus nearby. Letting Thea escape so he could save them, they kissed, and Roy went to help the people stuck in the bus.[7]

Aligning with The Arrow

Shortly after the destruction of the Glades, Roy spent nights patrolling the streets, fighting with street thugs, in order to suppress the absence of The Hood. He was often arrested for obstruction by the police as a result. He also went to work at the club Verdant, which was now being run by Thea. When Roy tried to prevent a rape one night, he was surprised by the appearance of The Canary, who knocked out all of the bad guys in a few moments.[8]

As Roy continued his efforts to patrol the night, he discovered the medicines being delivered to the Glades Memorial Hospital were being stolen. Angry by the discovery, he engaged in a car chase, where he had an accident due to the attack from the Chinese Triad. Roy got arrested and he was threatened with prosecution, but Laurel cleared the charges. He revealed that the medicines were being stolen by unknown thieves to the Hood. Roy and Thea got into a fight, and she threatened to break up with him if he continued patrolling. When the Hood confronted him and offered him to become his informant in the Glades instead of patrolling, Roy accepted.[9]

When Roy was asked to track down the Canary by the Hood, he discovered that the vigilante was always accompanied by a woman named Sin. Roy managed to find her, however after questioning her on the Canary, she fled causing Roy to run after her to a abandoned site where he was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he found himself tied up and face to face with the Canary. She initially questioned him but released him after he received a text from Thea (which mentioned that Laurel had been kidnapped).[10]

Roy later attended a "guns for cash" charity drive, though he didn't want the money. Thea questioned him about the guns, but he claimed it was an old part of his life. Sin appeared, prompting Roy to introduce her to Thea. Suddenly, a man known as "The Mayor" began shooting at everyone. Roy saved Thea from an attack, before tending to Sin who had been shot. He left for the hospital while Sin was being treated. When she woke up, she promised to keep his alliance with The Arrow a secret considering he'd saved her life. However, she called him a moron, which Thea (who'd just walked in) agreed with. Despite her earlier disliking to her, Sin admitted to Roy that she'd begun to warm up to Thea.[11]

Roy placed his red flechette in order to call for The Arrow. Once he'd arrived, he helped to intercept an exchange of counterfeit plates. Despite being told to remain behind, Roy ran in behind him, tackling one of the fleeing criminals right as the police arrived. Detective Lance began processing his arrest, but soon let him go when he realized that he'd been working with the Arrow, just like the detective. Infuriated by his arrest, Thea decided to break it off with Roy. Sometime later, Roy went to meet Moira Queen, coincidentally being there at the same time as Thea. Moira urged the two of them to stay together, despite her attorney's urging for them not to be, as Moira only wished happiness on Thea.[12]

Sometime later, Roy attended Moira's opening trial with Thea and Oliver. Later at the club, Roy noticed Thea's obvious distress, trying to bring out her anger by giving her boxing gloves and making her punch him to release the anger.[13]

In "The Scientist", Sin asks Roy for help (because of his contact with The Arrow) when Sin's friend Max goes missing. Roy is determined to help her and searches for Sin's friend alongside with Thea, who joins in on the investigation which takes Roy by surprise. However while investigating, Roy discovers a blood drive that was hosted by Sebastian Blood that occurred on the last day Max was seen and Max is later found dead. Roy takes a picture of Max's body specifically that Max's eyes bled out, he meets The Arrow and informs about what he had found but The Arrow tells him not to look into it. Roy angered by this, tells The Arrow that he wouldn't be his eyes and ears anymore and that he and his friends are going to look into it. The Arrow shoots Roy in the leg to slow him down as he is following the same trail albeit from a different perspective and knows that Roy can't fight the robber associated with the drug (and probably also that "his friends" likely included Thea.)

Injected by the Mirakuru

In "Three Ghosts", he is captured and injected with The Mirakuru, where he is then declared a failure by Brother Blood but he survived and was at least a partial success as his wounds The Arrow gave him seemingly recovered.

In "Blast Radius", Roy gets cut by some glass but quickly heals. Later on when a light platform was about to fall on Moira Queen Roy quickly ran to her and blocked the light platform. 

In "Blind Spot", Roy continues to struggle with revealing his new found powers to Thea, creating a rift between him and her. Instead he decides to tell Sin, telling her he would "tell Thea when he got it under control". Afterwards the two plot to take down a rich lawyer who cut up prostitutes for a living, with Sin as the bait. Before Sin could become the next victim, Roy ripped the car door off its hinges and beat the man to a pulp, despite pleas that he would pay him to stop, putting him in the hospital and striking Sin in a rage. He comes to regret this and at the hospital, away from prying eyes, Roy breaks down into tears. Not long after that he is contacted by the Arrow, who promises to train him and hone his abilities, to which Roy responds with: "When do we start?".

In "Tremors", The Arrow is training Roy on how to control his super strength. When Roy breaks the bowl of water, that he is meant to be slapping, The Arrow states that's how he placed someone in the hospital the week before. Roy asks how he knew and tells him that it is none of his business. The Arrow says it is his business when Roy agrees for help. The Arrow starts telling him of the story of Slade Wilson. Roy finally asks if there is anything he can tell him about Slade, after asking other questions which The Arrow couldn't answer, The Arrow says he had to put an arrow in his eye. The Arrow is defeating a dummy quickly with direct hand movements. It is now Roy's turn which The Arrow says go slowly. Roy stars throwing punches at the dummy. The Arrow tells him that it isn't about throwing a punch, but to control his strength, Roy starts doing what The Arrow demonstrated whilst complaining about what The Arrow has had Roy do, Roy then throws a punch at the dummy which tore the top half completely off. The Arrow explains that anger is energy which Roy needs to learn to control it in a positive way. Roy then explains his idea on being The Arrow's sidekick for one night to which he agrees. Roy comes in late and explains that he tried to get his girlfriend to leave town. The Arrow says not to get her into this. Roy says he can't lie and protect her at the same time. Roy asks how The Arrow does it to which he doesn't reply. The Arrow tells Roy to calm down to which Roy disagrees and says he needs to save Thea trying to run off, The Arrow grabs him and tells him to get control, if not for The Arrow or for himself, do it for Thea. Without knowing The Arrow is Thea's older brother, Roy asks how he knows Thea. He throws three punches towards him, which were all blocked. Arrow grabs him and asks if he's done to which Roy replies with a push which sends The Arrow across the room and telling him he isn't done, and if he wants to top him, put another arrow in his leg. Upon saving The Arrow from Bronze Tiger with his enhanced strength, he continued to beat him until an unmasked Oliver stopped him. Shocked that his girlfriend's brother was the vigilante he admired, Oliver managed to convince Roy to use his love for Thea as a focus for his strength. They managed to destroy the Earthquake Device before it discharged. Still stunned by this discovery, he thanked Oliver of saving him, but not from the Savior, but from himself by giving him purpose. The next day, Oliver brought him to the Arrowcave to meet Diggle and Felicity, officially making him a part of the team.

In "Time of Death", when Sara Lance returned after being presumed dead for 6 years Roy attend a party for her at the Queen Mansion. When Sin ran up to hug her Roy because confused to see that the knew each other. Roy then introduced himself to Sara but was unaware that she was the Canary.

In "The Promise", Roy was trying to learn archery, but was unable to hit anything, but Sara mentions Oliver makes it look easy. When Slade was revealed to be alive, Roy teamed with Sara and Diggle to help kept Oliver's family out of harms way. He met Slade and shook hands with him, but it was indicated that Slade was much stronger than he was.

In "Birds of Prey", Roy gave Thea a present: A simple silver band, but he was pulled away to learn that Helena Bertinelli was back in town. Oliver invites him back into the field, but when the driver shoots Roy in the hand, he lost control of his rage and Oliver had to resort to calling him 'Speedy', Thea's nickname. Back at the Arrowcave, Roy tries to explain he had it under control, but Oliver was skeptical as he had to resort to using Thea again to stop him. Knowing the danger Roy possessed, Oliver asked him to stay away from Thea for her own safety, but Roy was not impressed. Later, he tried to break up with Thea, which she wouldn't accept, leaving to do a job, telling him that they would continue the discussion later. He was then seen making out with a random girl from the club as Thea walked in, leaving her heartbroken. Roy was then seen in the Arrowcave, watching her leave the club after talking to Oliver, he then crushed the gift he gave her.

In "Deathstroke",

In "The Man Under the Hood", it is revealed that Roy's been taking his breakup badly and was captured by Isabel Rochev and Slade Wilson who use him for the blood transfusions because of the Mirakuru inside him. However, he is soon rescued by Oliver who takes a critical Roy back to the Arrowcave to give him blood and help him recover.

In Seeing Red, Roy becomes insane with the Mirakuru and starts on a rampage across town. In a vision, it is explained that his hopes are to kill Thea. Along the way, he attacks many people, including Sin. He also kills a police officer. He eventually sees that Thea is at Verdant. He goes there to kill her. However, Sara shoots him in the leg and is about to kill him, but Oliver comes in and sedates him.

As of City of Blood he was in an inducted coma until Oliver could find a cure for the Mirakuru in his system.

In Streets of Fire, still in coma, Oliver gets the cure for mirakuru but doesn't want to inject Roy with it at first, wondering if it goes wrong. After a conversation with Amanda Waller, in which the latter states that she intends to destroy Starling city to stop Slade's army from spreading to the rest of the world, Oliver decides that he needs to know if the cure can stop Slade's men, and starling city, so he injects Roy with the cure.

In "Unthinkable", Roy wakes up and fights with Oliver in an ambush by Slade's Mirakuru Army. He then calls Thea and says he wants to meet her at his house. When he arrives, he tells her that he has one thing left to do, after which they can start a new live together. Roy fights the Mirakuru Army with Oliver and The League of Assassins. When he is back home he finds a letter which Thea left him, stating that she is gone and never returning, leaving him heartbroken. 

Return of the Church of Blood

Not long following their defeat of Slade, The Arrow and Roy grappled on to a "drug plane" and climbed up on top. They struggled to hold on while Felicity, back at their base, tried to hack the plane's Wi-Fi. Unable to get a clean signal, Dig suggested to go with "plan B". Oliver proceeded to stab an arrow in to the plane. The arrow exploded and the two of them jumped in to the plane. As the occupants began shooting at the men, they began fighting back. Oliver fired an arrow at the pilot, which opened up at the end to reveal a ball, hitting the man in the face. As Roy mused over the new "boxing glove arrow", Oliver started to fly the plane back to stability. He placed an autopilot device on to the controls and busied himself with fighting back the remaining occupants of the plane. Roy was momentarily distracted by a comment from Oliver calling him Speedy. In this moment, one of the Spanish-speaking men attempted to fire his gun at Roy, only to get an arrow to the chest from Oliver. Unluckily, Roy was hit by a bullet and began falling from the plane.[14] Confirming that Felicity's auto-pilot gadget was working, Oliver jumped from the plane to catch Roy, and suggested that Dig prep for surgery. After they'd performed surgery on Roy, all they decided that they could do was wait.[15] Eventually his condition stabilized, though he was still in a fairly bad way.[16]

Becoming Arsenal

Roy first helped Oliver take down Vincent Steelgrave who stole an illegal cache of RPG's intended for his gang. When Oliver received a text from Thea, Roy told Oliver he would go on patrol to clear his head, feeling guilt knowing Thea was lying to Oliver. After Oliver and Felicity was attacked by Werner Zytle, Roy quickly discovered a GPS tracker under Felicity's jacket. Roy later helped Oliver take down one of Werner's thugs before freezing bomb intended to blow up Rockets Arena[17].

Roy would request to Felicity to reconfigure their phone system before discovering Sara had been murdered. Roy comforted a distraught Felicity as they grieved over the loss of Sara. Roy would later hack into an FBI database in search for Thea, where he would reveal Thea's letter to Felicity. He would later show the letter to Oliver and apologized for not saying anything earlier. Roy would later help Oliver stop Simon Lacroix at Queen Consolidated during Ray Palmer's charity event[18].

When Oliver decided to search for Thea and convince her to come home, Roy grabbed his bow to which Oliver asked what he was doing as he was doing, bringing a bow on a plane. Roy replied saying he's never been on a plane so he was unaware security checks would blow his secret identity as Arsenal, causing Oliver to laugh in amusement. While in Corto Maltese, after a failed attempt by Oliver to convince Thea to come home, Roy made an attempt. Roy told Thea that though he lied to her numerous times, he really wanted to leave Starling City with her after the siege. Roy asked if Thea felt lonely at Corto Maltese but Thea stated that was what she liked best. Later, Roy helped Oliver and Diggle to stop Mark Shaw. When Oliver brought up makeshift bow's he asked Oliver where he got them, to which Oliver stated he made them from equipment in their hotel room. They were intervened by soldiers Shaw payed off but Oliver, Roy, and Diggle fought them off. Back in Starling City, at the Arrowcave, Roy was complimented by Oliver how well he did in Corto Maltese. Roy told Oliver that he was a great teacher despite being temperamental to which Oliver stated those are the best kind. Roy and Oliver were then be greeted by Nyssa, who demanded to know where Sara had gone.[19]

Roy managed to follow Nyssa and informed Oliver. At the Arrowcave, Roy pointed out to Nyssa that he found a blank piece of paper in Sara's boot, which was actually written with ghost ink. Later Team Arrow and Nyssa tracked down Malcolm Merlyn in a a temple, however Merlyn escaped. When Oliver informed Nyssa and the team that Thea is Malcolm's daughter, Roy semed distraught. Roy visited Thea at Verdant where he offered to help. Later when they left, Roy was injected with a tranquilizer as Nyssa kidnapped Thea. At the Arrowcave, Roy offered to help get Thea but Oliver told him it's safer if he stayed as he had tranquilizer in his blood. Roy visited Thea again at Verdant where he was hired to be assistant manager by Thea.[20]

Roy trained with Oliver where Oliver notices he has not been getting enough sleep. After a riot ensued at Starling National Bank, Roy and Oliver arrived to disperse the riot. After Felicity tracked Myron Forest, who they believe is the leader of Brother Eye, they approach him but are told he is the people Brother Eye hates. Roy later stopped Brother Eye from robbing a truck of freshly printed cash. Later Roy awakes from a dream where he saw himself murder Sara.[21]

While looking for the cartel, Roy's nightmare begun to haunt him as he lost his focus. While having a higher vantage point, Roy pointed out the words written Guilty that was written with blood. When Roy later offered to help, Oliver ordered him not to as he has been out of his game lately and had a slower reaction time. Roy later had Felicity check him for any mirakuru. When Felicity told him he had none left in his blood, he revealed to Felicity of his nightmares. Felicity later told Roy said that he may of had bits left at the time of Sara's death. Believing he is the murderer, Roy revealed to the rest of the team and Laurel. Roy later helped Oliver and Diggle to stop Isaac Stanzler where he was told by him that Oliver is only using him. After knocking Stanzler out, Roy asked Oliver to never abandon him to which Oliver told him he would never do that. At the Arrowcave, Roy told Oliver what Isaac told him to which Oliver finally gave Roy the name, Arsenal. Oliver then helped Roy by giving him a meditation to help him remember clearly what happened where Roy learns he had murdered a cop back when he was OD'd with mirakuru.[22]

Still haunted by the death of the cop he assisted Oliver tracking down the former SWAT officer Carrie Cutter. Felicity found out she kept the mob boss hostage in Sherwood Florist. Oliver and Roy broke in the place, here Oliver told Roy to look for the mob boss as he would take care of Carrie Cutter. After splitting up he got startled as a arrow impacted close to him. He turned around and was confronted by a smiling Carrie Cutter. Despite his weaponry and training she took him out easily before he could even warn Oliver. After knocking him out she took him hostage too and used his earpiece to taunt Oliver. While passed out Oliver confronted her, however she used the mob boss as a hostage and threatened to blow him up as he was attached with a wired detonator to his bomb vest. After trying to persuade Oliver to be with her, he neglected and she fled the scene as Oliver saved the mob boss and took care of a unconscious Roy. Roy later used the training as he was angry by the quick and humiliating defeat at her hands. He mentioned he felt horrible that she took him so easily. However he said he was fine as Oliver tried to comfort him. He was later spotted at the club where Carrie walked past him without noticing her. After Oliver barely survived his clash with Carrie he told Roy the both of them need something. Curious Roy followed him and the two of them went to diner with Diggle, Lyla and Sara.[23]


Roy did not like to steal and only does it because he is in a bad situation. He resents rich people because he believes most of them are greedy, arrogant and selfish, Roy is intelligent and has pride, and he is above taking things for free, particularly from rich people. Despite his initial dislike of Thea at the time, he saved her from two thugs before they can steal from her, showing that he tries to do the right thing. He has a fear of needles (but it is mentioned that this fear may stem from past experiences and a fear of becoming a drug addict). He has stated he will never beg for his life because his enemies do not deserve the satisfaction.

He is shown to be grateful, as after the Arrow saved his life, he seeks to find out his identity. Not only did he physically save Roy's life, but also gave him a purpose, something Roy completely lacked before. In gratitude, Roy completely turned his life around, putting his thieving, criminal ways behind. He became a vigilante himself going around helping people, although he sometimes got in trouble with law enforcement for it, although they quickly release him, possibly realizing his good intentions.

Later on, like Oliver, Roy developed a sense of justice and honor, and he has guilt, morals and remorse for his actions. Roy can sometimes be short tempered and hot-headed, he is also aggressive and violent as a result of being injected with the Mirakuru. After being cured by it, he regained much of his composure.

Despite his rough start with Thea, Roy is shown to genuinely love Thea and was only able to keep the Mirakuru from completely twisting his mind by focusing on his romantic feelings for Thea. Later on when he trained in archery, he didn't lose his temper when he repeatedly missed his mark and simply commented he thought he would have hit one. However, when he was shot in the hand, he lost control of his rage and Oliver to resort to using Thea's nickname, "Speedy", to snap him out of it.

At first Roy did not have any respect for Oliver Queen and did not get along with him at all, but after he found out Oliver is the Arrow, Roy gained a lot of respect for him. Despite his respect for Oliver, Roy still blamed Oliver for Thea getting kidnapped by Slade. Unlike other members of Team Arrow, Roy does not follow Oliver's orders without question, and he is not above standing up to him. Roy gets along well with John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. However Roy did not get along so well with Sara Lance, because of his mind was twisted by the Mirakuru at the time. Despite this, he did care about Sara as the constant nightmares of him apparently killing Sara caused him to suffer sleep deprivation.

Despite his enormous good deeds to Starling City, Roy is deeply haunted from when he killed a police officer, when he overdosed on Mirakuru, even though he wasn't in control of his actions at the time. To this end, he sought redemption by anonymously giving money and groceries to the officer's family.

Powers and Abilities


  • Peak of human physical condition: Roy is shown to be in top physical condition from his intense exercises in the Arrowcave. Due to his youth, Roy is faster than Oliver.
  • Honed sense: Roy was able to pick up The Arrow's presence who was behind him without needing to see him.
  • Tolerance for pain: Having spent years fighting in the streets and having spent much of his time as a vigilante, Roy has been injured countless times, resulting in him developing an incredible tolerance for pain.
  • Free running/Acrobatics: In "Dodger", when attempting to flee from Thea and Laurel, Roy showed he could easily scale a fence multiple meters high in one fluid movement, making use of a nearby wall to provide leverage. In "Broken Dolls", Roy is shown to be fast enough to catch up with Sin. In the season 3 premiere, he does a double flip off a car. During fights he used no handed carthwheels and b twists.
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Roy is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, starting as a streetfighter his skills increased due to him being trained by Oliver and Sara. He has great mastery in battle, that allows him to fight with Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers of Slade army in "Unthinkable". In "Corto Maltese", he is shown to be able more than hold his own against A.R.G.U.S soldiers. Like Oliver he uses his bow as a melee weapon and has been shown training with Eskrima sticks and using them in his fight against Komodo and Digger Harkness.
  • Advanced street fighter: Having grown up in the Glades all his life, Roy had taught himself to fight back. In "The Huntress Returns", Roy was able to hold out on his own while fighting three thugs, even using the wall to build up centripetal force, jumping over one the thugs and strike him down. In "Sacrifice", he took out two thugs without taking a hit from them, by flipping the second thug onto the then down first thug. In "City of Heroes", he has shown an inability to fight more than three opponents simultaneously, including when they wield weapons. He later received training from Oliver and Sara and became a way more skilled fighter.
  • Advanced archer: When he joined Oliver's vigilante team, Roy was trained in archery by Oliver, although not being any good at first he improves and manages to get lucky a few times he needs more coaching sessions from Oliver and fighting lessons. By the season 3 premiere Roy was able to shoot the tires of a moving truck without missing. When Komodo had a rope around the ankle of his target Roy was able to cut the rope with a shot.
  • Advanced marksman/Firearms: In "Identity", Roy is shown to be skilled enough to throw a flechette, straight at Oliver's face (under the guise of The Arrow), which Oliver managed to catch, Roy has good accuracy despite the fact that he was not trained in archery at that time. He later received training from Oliver and became a way more skilled marksman. It can be assumed that Roy skilled in the use of firearms, as he used to own several different types of firearms.
  • Advanced stick fighter: Roy is shown to be a formidable stick fighter, as seen from his fights in "Sara", and "The Brave and the Bold", against Simon Lacroix and Digger Harkness. He was trained by Oliver and possibly Sara Lance.
  • Advanced scout: Roy is an extremely capable scout. Combined with his training, Oliver regularly sends him out alone to scout Starling City for any crimes. He was also capable of even tracking Nyssa, a high figure in the League of Assassins seemingly without her knowing.
  • Expert driving skills: Roy has the ability to drive multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. He is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known to be of a car or a motorcycle.
  • First aid: Roy is shown to be skilled in first aid, being able to sew up slashes do to the fact that he was taught by John Diggle.

Former Powers

  • Peak of superhuman physical condition: In "Three Ghosts", Roy was injected with the Mirakuru, his physical capacity was increased in terms of strength, durability, stamina, speed, senses, reflexes, and agility, in addition to an accelerated healing factor. In "Streets of Fire", Roy is cured from his Mirakuru powers and abilities by Oliver.
    • Enhanced strength: In "Blast Radius", Roy is shown to be strong enough to lift a light tower (close to a ton in weight). In "Blind Spot", he can punched right through breaks and concrete with ease. In "Tremors", Roy was able to punched right through a steel box, that is designed to withstand a bomb.
    • Enhanced durability: In "Blast Radius", Roy is shown to be able to take a hit from a light tower, that was about to fall on Moira Queen.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Thanks to the Mirakuru serum, it reduces the effects of fatigue allowing Roy to exert himself at peak capacity greater then any normal human could.
    • Enhanced speed: It can be assumed with Slade, that the Mirakuru has greatly enhanced Roy's speed, allowing him to move much faster than any normal human could.
    • Enhanced agility: It can be assumed with Slade, that the Mirakuru has greatly enhanced Roy's agility, allowing him to be more agile than any normal human could.
    • Enhanced senses: It can be assumed with Slade, that the Mirakuru has greatly enhanced Roy's senses, allowing him to see, hear, and smell, far better then any normal human could.
    • Enhanced reflexes: Thanks to the Mirakuru serum, Roy is able to react much faster than any normal human could. In "Seeing Red", he was able to catch an arrow shot at him by Oliver.
    • Rapid cell regeneration: In "Three Ghosts", Roy was injected with the Mirakuru, that has increase his natural healing abilities to superhuman levels, within a day, after the Arrow shot him in the leg with an arrow, Roy's scar was completely healed. In "Blast Radius", after a small piece of broken glass falling on his arm, Roy's injury was completely healed within a day.


  • Customized Recurve Bow: Roy was trained in archery by Oliver Queen and use in battle his own bow, red in color. He has a great shooting speed, and can successfully use this in close combat. Despite that he recently became trained, Roy already has quite a serious success, which is enough to fight against the army of Slade. Roy demonstrated greater accuracy and speed shots.
  • Wooden Bow: In "The Promise" and "Deathstroke", Roy used this bow during his training in archery, it is unknown what type of bow It is.
  • Customized Hunting Arrows: Like his vigilante partner and teacher, Roy uses customized arrows.
  • Trick arrows: In battle with Slade Wilson's army, he uses trick arrows with Mirakuru cure heads. He also uses other arrowheads.
  • Flechette: Roy received his first Flechette after The Arrow, saved his life from the psychotic Joseph Falk aka The Savior, Roy keeps it as a reminder that the Arrow saved his life, and he owes him everything. He later painted it red so he would not get this Flechette confused with one of the Arrow's flechettes, which are green. Roy used it as a way to contact the Arrow before he discovered Oliver's identity, and joined his team. By the season 3 premiere Roy has multiple flechettes that are red.
  • Combat Knife: By the season 3 premiere Roy carries a combat knife.
  • Red jacket with hood: As an outfit, Roy uses a red jacket with a hood that hides his face. This is a reference to the DC comic book, where Roy uses red outfit, which distinguishes it from the Green Arrow.
  • Arsenal Costume: Roy wears a costume as his heroic alter-ego, Arsenal, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver or Felicity, though it was made by Lodai. It is also unknown what materials it is made from; with the exception of Kevlar. It seems to resemble the costumes worn by his mentors, Oliver (The Arrow) and Sara (The Canary).
  • Arsenal Mask: Roy wears a mask to hide his identity from enemies, like Oliver and Sara. His mask is a dark red/brown in color to match his hoodie. It is made from a compressible micro-fabric. This has the ability to conceal Roy's identity very effectively, it has no restrictions on his visual field while on the run or aiming arrows. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver or Felicity.
  • Quiver: Roy has brown arrow container, to carry his arrows with him.
  • Eskrima Sticks: As his vigilante alter-ego, Arsenal, Roy carries two eskrima sticks strapped to both his lower legs. In "Sara", he used them to fight Simon Lacroix (Komodo), and in "The Brave and the Bold", and later Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang).
  • Throwing Knives: Roy has 4 throwing knives strapped round his thigh.
  • Roy Harper's motorcycle: In "Sara" and "Guilty" Roy, when he is on patrol as Arsenal, is seen riding a motorcycle to get around Starling City.
  • Voice Filter: Roy uses this device to disguise his voice, regardless of who he speaks to as Arsenal.




Arrow: Season 2.5


  • In the original Green Arrow comics, Roy Harper is Green Arrow's sidekick, and is the first to take on the codename Speedy, which happens to be Thea Queen's nickname in Arrow. He later left Green Arrow due to drug abuse (a shocking and revolutionary concept in mainstream superhero comics when the story was printed in 1971), but returned to take on the monikers Arsenal, and Red Arrow. This is frequently foreshadowed.
  • As shown in "The Huntress Returns", Roy has a fear of needles. This is likely a reference to his comics alter ego's struggle with heroin addiction. This is referenced again when Brother Blood injects him with the Mirakuru serum.
  • In a deleted scene for "Dodger", Roy's first appearance, Thea calls him Speedy.
  • In "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Roy claimed he had lost someone and they were not coming back. It is possible this someone was his mother and/or father.
  • He is often shown wearing a red hoodie, a nod to his DC comic alter ego, Red Arrow, and finally in "Unthinkable" Oliver presents him with a red mask, and later in "The Calm" begins to wear a full suit.
  • In the DC comics, Roy has no superhuman powers and abilities.
  • Roy is referred to by his first superhero name "Speedy" in "Birds of Prey", by Oliver, attempting to snap Roy out of killing an innocent man by using Thea's nickname. Ironically, he incredibly dislikes the name.
  • Sin calls him "Abercrombie" in reference to his model looks.


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