"How many times are we gonna go through this, Snart?"
—Barry Allen, annoyed at Snart's reappearance
"Rogue Time" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of The Flash, and the sixteenth episode overall. It aired on March 24, 2015.


The Flash learns that Captain Cold and Heat Wave have returned to Central City. This time Snart has brought along his younger sister Lisa to help wreak havoc on the city.[1]




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Preparation began December 15, 2014, and ran until January 7, 2015. Shooting started January 8, 2015, and ran until January 20, 2015.[2]


  • As a result of Barry's actions in the previous episode, the timeline that was present has been undone by changing the events.
  • Cisco reveals Barry's secret identity as The Flash to Leonard Snart.
  • This episode marks Heat Wave's last appearance on The Flash until Season 3's "Invasion!".


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