"We live to protect our brothers of this city. We started this group to protect the young and the orphans of Zandia! You will no longer be alone. Each life that has and will be taken for this cause is a sacrifice for the greater good."
—Roger Trigon to Sebastian Blood[src]

Roger Trigon (died 2013), usually known as Father Trigon, and feared as The Devil, was a religious leader and the founder of the Church of Blood. He presided as the head of Zandia Orphanage, turning it into "a place of love and worship", and taking in such acolytes as Cyrus Gold and Sebastian Blood.


Fifteen years before Sebastian Blood, secretly controlled by Slade Wilson, made a bid for power in Starling City as the leader of his Church of Blood, the religious cult was led by Roger Trigon, a priest and the head of Zandia Orphanage. [1]

At some point Father Trigon took a gangly teenager Cyrus Gold under his tutelage. Despite the priest's orders, Cyrus violated the rules of the orphanage and took in a wandering, broken youth he's found in the Glades one day. Trigon commended the teenager for doing a good deed despite the orders, and asked to see the boy he brought in. The boy, his face soaked with tears and blood, turned out to be Sebastian Blood, who told the priest of parental abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, as well as of his dreams about "the man in black with a skull for a face". Father Trigon comforted the boy and agreed to take him in. [1]

To protect his new recruit and ensure that he joins the Church of Blood, Trigon sent Sebastian back to his house, hiding nearby along with Cyrus Gold. As soon as Sebastian's father turned abusive towards his son, Trigon and Gold appeared as the Devil and the Acolyte and overpowered Sebastian's parents. In the guise of the Devil, Roger Trigon offered his new recruit a gun to kill his abusive parents. Sebastian killed his unrepentant father, and was ready to slay his pleading mother, when the Devil took the gun from his hands, asking to spare his mother as "the giver of life". He then led the boy away from his house to an abandoned factory in the Glades. [1]

At the Glades gathering, Brothers Langford, Daily and Hogue were revealed to Blood by Trigon, before revealing himself as the Devil, and Cyrus Gold as the Acolyte. Father Trigon then christened Sebastian as Brother Blood, presenting him with his signature skull mask, and revealing their brotherhood's mission of protecting the poor and weak of Starling City, no matter the cost. [1]

Roger Trigon passed away in 2013, some months before the start of Alderman Blood's mayoral campaign, prompting Cyrus Gold to become the new head of Zandia Orphanage, with support and funding from Blood. [1]

Powers and abilities


  • Leadership: Trigon is a respected preacher and the head of Zandia Orphanage, who uses his charisma to influence people to join his cult and follow his commands, such as when he told Sebastian Blood whom to kill and whom to spare.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: In his guise as the Devil, Trigon manages to overpower and beat up Sebastian Sangre, leaving him defenseless to be slain by his own son.




  • The creature described to Trigon by Sebastian Blood resembles his own dramatic appearance as "Brother Blood" fifteen years later after their meeting. The skull mask was given to Sebastian by Roger Trigon during his admission into the ranks of the Church of Blood.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Trigon is a demonic being worshiped by the Church of Blood rather than its head priest. He is the father of the superheroine Raven, a team-mate of Roy Harper, in his guise as Speedy of the Teen Titans.
  • His alter-ego as the Devil, in which he appears before Sebastian's parents reflects his true form as a demonic monster from DC Comics.