Rob is a resident of Central City, and the husband of Central City Police Department Captain David Singh.


He was rescued from a burning building by The Flash. Captain Singh was very relieved. 

In an alternate timeline, he is shown very worried for Captain Singh, as he was badly injured. However, this timeline is erased by Barry Allen. He told Barry that Singh spoke very highly of him, which surprised Barry.

Rob, along with David were invited to attend Barry and Iris' wedding. David sits next to Mick Rory, who he surprisingly doesn't recognize, despite he once arrested him a lone time ago, and he asks Mick if knows him, but Mick shakes his hands and introduces himself. When the wedding was attacked by the Nazis from Earth-X, Rob makes it to safety along with everyone who didn't participate the fight.


Rob appears to be fairly health-conscious, since Captain Singh is constantly mentioning the "improvements" to his diet which Rob has made. 


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